A clinical manager

Clinical and healthcare management

There are many clinical professionals, or those with a clinical background, working right across SCW and an operational management background is particularly sought after.

Clinical or healthcare operational management background is particularly sought after in areas such as:

System Transformation - working in close collaboration with our customers, and leading blended teams. This includes expertise from other SCW teams, such as finance, procurement, business intelligence, provider management, working on a diverse range of projects and programmes across the SCW patch, from diabetes to supporting vanguard sites. The systems transformation service also includes specialist teams focussing on projects in comms and engagement, public health and primary care. 

Commissioning Performance - translating customer commissioning plans into action. By applying our rigorous and proven methods for contract planning, management, and performance monitoring, we aim to drive consistent delivery of customer commissioning intentions and health outcome targets by the organisations providing care, resulting in high quality and best value services for patients and local people.

The commissioning performance team monitor and manage providers at every stage of the commissioning cycle, applying our contract management, negotiation, and business intelligence expertise to improve impact and delivery for commissioners. This ensures consistent delivery of commissioning intentions and health outcome targets by the organisations providing care.

Clinical Effectiveness and Quality Improvement - enabling a customer to establish an objective systematic approach to the vital aspect of commissioning and delivery for patients. This includes triangulation of patient experience with quality performance data and ensuring total provider performance management. Supporting transformation programmes to ensure change programmes deliver financial efficiency and patient benefits or working within local systems to bring benefit from regional clinical expertise, subject matter expertise and independence

This service line also manages individual funding requests for funding approval, for treatments that are not routinely commissioned and the Referral Management Centre, originally developed to support the Choose and Book system.

Since that time the function has grown to become a recognised centre of excellence which does much work to shape demand, preventing unnecessary admissions to secondary care. It has taken on other functions such as the arrangement of Patient Transport (meaning that GP Practices are not required to undertake this function), management of dental referral flow, optometry referral and claim tracking and management of the Telehealth service. Additionally, the team provides a wide range of information to support the CCG in activity management.