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Population health analytics

Population health analytics provides critical information to support population health management planning, by predicting both individual healthcare journeys to deliver person-centred care, and the costs involved.

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The knowledge and experience of our award-winning procurement team ensure you are in safe hands when it comes to managing complex procurement projects and sourcing supplies. 

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Public Health Action - Behaviour change

Public Health Action is SCW’s team of behaviour change experts who focus on prevention, health education, and patient engagement and activation.


Risk management

Risk management is integral to the sound governance of any organisation. Effective identification, evaluation, and management ensure all types of risk are considered across all areas of an organisation and its customers. 

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Supporting primary care

Our team is here to engage in transformational conversations, apply our hands-on experience, and work with you to identify opportunities and solutions to address the challenges facing primary care.

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System transformation

Our specialist teams use leading change model tools and techniques, and analyse population health data and intelligence to assess and redesign systems, pathways and services.

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Workforce services

At SCW we provide a range of workforce services that include consultancy, strategy and transactional/operational, to enable our customers and partners to deliver change underpinned by the use of data and behavioural driven insights.