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We put people at the centre of our problem-solving approach based on our understanding of your complex workforce challenges. We use data and insight to create and deliver tailored, evidence-based workforce solutions which recognise and reinforce the needs of a thriving NHS workforce.

We utilise the skills of multi-disciplinary teams from across our service lines, supported by dedicated project and programme management to provide better outcomes for your organisation, ultimately enabling better care. 

We work across the full range of organisations in health, social care, and beyond. From NHS England and Health Education England at the national and regional level to PCNs and ICSs at the system level, and individual providers and practices at place and neighbourhood level.

What makes us special?

Delivery of solutions, services and consultancy from a national strategic level to local operational delivery gives us insight at all levels that many competitors don’t have. From supporting the development of well-thought-through strategic intentions to optimising responses to local needs, we bring extensive knowledge of national strategies and programmes, policy development, funding and trailblazer opportunities, helping to join the dots to give you the best outcome for your workforce, services, patients and populations. 

How we can help you

  • Supporting understanding of current and future state workforce needs and workforce optimisation

Working across our teams of workforce and analytical experts, we undertake the development of workforce models, gap analysis and strategic and operational workforce planning, including use of new roles, skill mixing, top-of-license working and opportunities to widen the candidate pipeline and pool. 

We have developed our own in-house workforce optimisation suite and methodology, using population health and health inequalities data, data quality indicators and qualitative insights, alongside innovative person-focused workforce reviews to help you align the potential of your current and future workforce to patient needs, optimising your workforce capability. This methodology can be applied in a variety of workforce spaces, from primary care to mental health and at varying levels of system or organisational maturity and readiness, and was mentioned as an example of good practice in the recently published Fuller Report. 

  • Translation of policy drivers into strategic, transformational and operational workforce plans 

Translation of the wide range and scope of workforce initiatives taking place at a national, regional and local level into strategic, transformation and operational plans. This work varies across a range of staff groups and clinical areas, from specialist clinical spaces such as genomics and cancer workforce to digital clinical leadership and non-clinical workforce. 

  • Data and insights-driven workforce strategy development

Optimising the impact of available workforce, quality, performance, PHM and other data to drive insightful workforce strategy development and impactful and cost-effective workforce interventions and solutions.  

  • Optimising workforce capacity and capability

At scale and at pace inclusive resourcing and recruitment, temporary and flexible workforce resourcing, management and deployment, strategic resourcing and talent acquisition (including international recruitment) and employee value proposition development.

Improving governance and control in relation to workforce management practices and approaches, such as holistic approaches to reduction in temporary staffing utilisation and cost. 

Optimisation of HR systems and processes as part of continuous improvement and process transformation approaches, including HR systems, e-rostering and AI and robotic led systems and system interfaces. 

  • Building a future-ready workforce

Supporting in design and development of the future workforce in response to rapid digital transformation, AI and robotics, clinical innovation and technology-enhanced learning within health and care e.g. preparation of clinical staff for bedside genomics technologies, development of clinical digital leaders. 

Movement towards agile, flexible, productive and hybrid working. 

  • Improving maturity around workforce design, transformation and utilisation

Supporting organisations and systems at all levels of maturity and readiness to improve capacity and capability within its own workforce around workforce planning, transformation and delivery.

Improving the maturity of use of data to ensure data and insights-driven workforce strategies, interventions and transformation. This includes planning for future workforce data needs, and improving the capture, quality and use of workforce data to go beyond reporting to data journalism and advanced and predictive analytics. 

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