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Supporting primary care

Our team is here to engage in transformational conversations, apply our hands-on experience, and work with you to identify opportunities and solutions to address the challenges facing primary care.

We have a broad range of experience in supporting primary care. From resilience programmes to workforce planning, the development of primary care at scale, including incorporation and leadership development. Working at practice, PCN, ICS, or regional level we support you to:

  • Address issues in individual practices, build consensus, address blocks to delivery, and accelerate PCN maturity and access to the new Investment and Impact Fund.

  • Develop system leaders through our PCN System Leadership Development Programme. The programme explores themes such as the rationale for change, the concept of ‘self’ and how to position the leadership role in a PCN. It develops an understanding of self in a wider system leadership role, and explores new approaches to thinking and behaving to drive system change and manage conflict.

  • Develop the role of the practice manager as a leader through our PCN Leaders Programme including exploration of personal productivity, reducing pressure, partner development, leading, supporting, and supervising the extended primary care team.

  • Introduce innovative approaches to patient engagement

  • Design and implement focused recruitment campaigns, novation of contracts and provision of TUPE advice to support the development of the workforce of the future.

  • Facilitate the rapid adoption of population health management approaches to allow PCNs to re-imagine care pathways.

  • Measure and evaluate the performance and the impact of actions that Primary Care, PCNs and systems, have taken to date.

  • Transformational support to data-led change through our ELITE programme
    • Providing PCNs with a tool that allows them to easily access their operational data in real-time (Apex) and help them to understand and validate this data.
    • Taking PCNs through improvement cycles with a real project to unlock real benefits.
    • Building capability, understanding and data standards at PCN level to enable practices to begin to harness the benefits of working together.

 For more information on our primary care services please contact SCW Director of Primary Care, Alison Westmacott or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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