Risk management

Risk management is integral to the sound governance of any organisation. Effective identification, evaluation, and management ensure all types of risk are considered across all areas of an organisation and its customers. 

Risk management is best delivered using a structured approach to ensure that all areas of risk, including clinical, organisational, and financial are considered in planning and delivering services.

Risk refers to uncertainty, the possibility of incurring misfortune or loss or missing opportunities. This is measured in terms of the likelihood of something happening and the impact of the possible consequences.  A risk may be looked upon as anything which has the potential to damage or threaten the achievement of the organisation’s objectives.

How we can help

We offer the following risk management services to protect services, customers, staff, reputation, and finances of an organisation through the application of the following sound risk management principles:

  • Minimising chances of adverse incidents, risks, and complaints by effective risk management
  • Identification, prioritisation, treatment, mitigation, and management of risks
  • Maintenance of a risk management framework, which provides assurance that strategic and operational risks are being managed effectively
  • Maintaining a cohesive approach to corporate governance and effectively manage risk management resources
  • Work to embed risk management within an organisation’s culture
  • Minimising avoidable financial loss, or the cost of risk transfer through a robust financial strategy

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