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Organisational development

At SCW we believe that people are central to effective, high-performing, organisations. We work with individuals, teams, and organisations to make sure everyone has the opportunity to thrive and flourish.  

We understand your needs

We understand customer needs across health and social care, and deliver effective diagnoses of cultural and organisational challenges, design effective interventions to support development and change, and evaluate impact. 

We are trusted advisers with subject matter expertise and act as expert facilitators, empowering customers to deliver high-quality care for patients, service users, and wider stakeholders

Helping your people thrive and flourish

Whether you’re looking to access our team of Organisational Development experts to design and deliver culture and leadership development programmes, or if you’re looking for a partner to work with you on a long-term transformational change programme, we have a breadth of OD experience to support you in developing insights and initiatives that help your organisation and your people thrive and flourish in an increasingly complex environment.

We are adept at designing and delivering a wide range of tailored organisation development strategies and programmes which build on the capability and skills of your existing workforce.  We work with organisations at national, regional, system, and local levels to bring about changes in performance, effectiveness, culture, ways of working, and competence, from facilitating coaching and mentoring workshops to designing and delivering programmes of leadership and cultural change.

Underpinned by data and behavioural insights to inform solutions, we work to align strategy, people and processes. We help with the following: 

Strategic Organisational Development 

  • Organisational maturity diagnostics and development  
  • Development of shared purpose and values  
  • Longer-term people planning and defining the best strategies to make the most impact   
  • Integrating organisations and teams, to deliver the People Plan Promise 


  • Leadership development & psychometrics 
  • Executive coaching 
  • Facilitating 360 Feedback 
  • Enabling strong compassionate leadership   
  • Empowering leaders to increasingly work beyond organisational boundaries and develop personal impact 


  • Cultural design 
  • Conducting cultural audit and assessments at team, organisation and system level, and using insight from staff surveys to develop effective interventions that bring about real and lasting behavioural change  
  • Translating ambition into deliverables (for example, developing a coaching and mentoring strategy and operational plans) 
  • Developing clear employee value propositions 
  • Moving organisations to become psychologically safe workplaces which meet the NHS People Promise. Enabling people to work across team and organisational boundaries 

Talent identification, management and development 

  • Workforce optimisation - facilitating recruitment of high potential people, cultivating talent and maximising systems and processes to make the most of valuable people resource 
  • Design and delivery of virtual assessment centres  
  • Design and delivery of talent development centres 

Team and personal development 

  • Enabling individuals to gain clarity of their personal purpose and objectives and the team to function successfully 
  • Enabling organisations to understand team maturity to bring insights that can be translated into development strategies 
  • Developing team effectiveness using diagnostic and development tools (including AffinaOD, Clarity4D, Hogan, Myers Briggs, and 360 Leadership)

Transformational change 

  • Using a co-production approach to put in place the best-operating models to deliver system ambitions across the emerging ICS and ICB environments 
  • Enabling new ways of working, ensuring the best skills mix and bringing people on the change journey   
  • Organisation design and workforce design 
  • Creating and supporting new ways of working  
  • Putting talent and purpose at the heart of the transformation 

For more information on our human resources services please contact SCW Director of People, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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