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Improving Immunisation Uptake Team

Reducing variation in immunisation uptake, through the utilisation of Child Health Information Services (CHIS) data and direct collaboration with colleagues in primary care.

The Improving Immunisation Uptake (IIU) initiative was developed as a result of a health inequalities pilot project that took place in 2017. Due to the success of the IIU initiative, it was recommissioned by NHSEI as a permanent service across the Thames Valley in September 2019. 

The IIU team have delivered a significant reduction in the variation of immunisation uptake across the Thames Valley and an overall increase in uptake of childhood immunisations since 2018. 

Facilitating effective engagement with Primary Care and achieving sustained improvements in immunisation uptake rates requires the correct skill mix of data quality and analytical skills.

This combined with clinicians and data specialists who can work with the GP practice team to facilitate a whole practice approach, empowering them to improve and sustain their immunisation uptake performance, is a key component of the IIU team support offer.

The service we will deliver for you

  • Professional team incorporating clinicians and a data administrator who will work directly with you to improve the uptake of childhood immunisations.
  • Effective change management support to facilitate the required process change to improve immunisation performance.
  • Advice and training on how to analyse your immunisation data.
  • Facilitation of multidisciplinary practice team meetings to identify and secure commitment to required changes to improve immunisation uptake.
  • Advice and training on effective practice processes for achieving and maintaining increased immunisation uptake.
  • Support and signposting you to additional resources to support increased immunisation uptake as well as expert knowledge and support around national and local immunisation statistics and target rates.
  • Expert guidance on immunisation queries and dealing with parental concerns around immunisations.
  • Change management skills to facilitate required process changes within GP practices to improve immunisation performance.
  • Flexible, local support tailored to your individual practice needs.

Read more about our pioneering work:

For more information or to discuss improvements to immunisation uptake, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., CHIS Clinical Immunisation Lead.

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