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ICS people solutions

We work alongside organisations to develop an integrated workforce that addresses a range of people-related challenges and delivers new ways of working.

The NHS workforce is under huge strain, dealing with routine health appointments and the significant increase in the backlog caused by COVID-19. Wider economic conditions in the United Kingdom mean that public sector pay is unlikely to rise with inflation. Many employees feel drained having worked throughout the pandemic, often in dangerous working conditions. We're uniquely positioned to work with you to develop an integrated workforce that addresses these key customer challenges and delivers new ways of working, focusing on collaboration and place-based delivery.

How we can help you

We understand that you are facing a vast range of people-related challenges, and it’s fundamental these are tackled as part of your long-term approach to meeting future requirements. 

Workforce strategy and planning at a system level 
Developing a sustainable, integrated workforce through place-based workforce planning that can deliver on your ICS objectives. This may include increased resilience, maximising opportunities to improve equality, diversity and inclusion and meeting the needs of the local population, to improve health outcomes.

Skills shortage and temporary staff spend
There is a shortage of specialised skillsets required to deliver effective clinical treatment, leading Trusts to over-rely on temporary staff to plug the gaps. This coupled with the already challenged staffing levels is driving a financially unsustainable reliance on a temporary workforce. 

Staff retention and morale 
The impact of COVID-19 on the workforce along with general workforce shortages across the NHS and social care has caused increased pressure on staff and led to higher attrition rates and more health and wellbeing concerns. There is a need to support people to feel empowered and more fulfilled in their roles.  

Data, digital and innovation
Staff and the future workforce need to be supported to bring together teams and organisational cultures and behaviours to work together in new ways, utilise digital tools, understand and act on the data generated in an informed manner, and utilise new technology to deliver differently. 

What makes us special?

We operate across national and local engagements
We deliver solutions, services and consultancy across a broad range of projects, from strategic national engagements to complex local operational delivery. This breadth provides us with insight at all levels. We are able to effectively join the dots to give our customers the best outcomes for their people, services, patients and populations. 

Ability to draw on experienced multi-disciplinary teams
We have strong expertise across a broad range of specialisms and are able to quickly draw upon this to develop tailored support packages that meet our customers' needs. This includes traditional skillsets on Workforce, HR, OD and EDI but with the added ability to bring in clinical, analytical, digital or other areas to provide innovative solutions. 

Scale and sharing best practice
We can provide services across a large geographic footprint and partner base, enabling resilience and structure to deliver a service that can be scaled across the region at a multi-ICS level. This also allows us to collate insights across the workforce planning and transformation agenda to inform best practice. 

For more information on our ICS people solutions, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

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