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HR operations

We offer a range of operational Human Resources (HR) services, policies and processes that will attract, support, build, develop and retain your team of experts to deliver across a local, regional or national level. 

HR support

The HR Support Team provides a centralised HR service for triage of HR issues to ensure the right support is given

  • HR support and triage for all HR issues and question
  • Signposting for all policies and process 
  • Delivery of a full Job Evaluation service 
  • Centralised family leave process and policy 
  • Maintain all employee databases and filing systems in line with Caldicott and Data Protection Act


The recruitment team provides a full recruitment service including a recruitment toolkit for managers. The service will guide recruiting managers through the recruitment process ensuring they use the appropriate tools giving a professional and streamlined Recruitment experience to both manager and applicant.  

  • Launching and managing recruitment campaigns
  • Management of the recruitment toolkit
  • Management of recruitment systems ensuring appropriate system use
  • Recruitment administration including candidate onboarding 
  • Processing preferred candidates including legislative employment checks
  • Process documentation for payment and contractual legislative requirements

Payroll and input services

Providing a payroll administration service ensuring that employees are paid accurately and processes are administered in line with Audit controls. Services include but not limited to:

  • Payroll and pensions interface and input
  • Payroll toolkit and FAQs to support pay issues 
  • Pension scheme administration 
  • Supply of bespoke payroll service for non-NHS employers 

HR information and audit 

The team provide both information and audit support to both managers and staff.

  • A suite of HR information and dashboards detailing employee lifecycle information  
  • Data validation of all people information held on HR systems (does not include personal information) 
  • National WoVen data compliance review 
  • Audit requirements and activities – detailed review of the process 

HR systems and support portal

The team will support managers and staff with all issues and access to HR systems and support portals

  • Management and development of HR systems including ESR modules
  • Support with system access and maintenance 
  • Management and development of information portals to support online service

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