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Healthy child and maternity

Children and young people represent a third of our country and their health and wellbeing will determine the future health of our nation. We are here to help you transform services and deliver improved outcomes and a strong start in life for children and young people.

The NHS Long Term Plan saw a large focus on ensuring that there is a strong start in life for children and young people. Commitments will be delivered via the development of the Children and Young People’s Transformation Programme and will work in conjunction with the Maternity Transformation Programme, to deliver health, social care and wellbeing improvements for this key group of our population. In delivering these programmes key challenges will be:

  • Transforming maternity services to improve outcomes – reduce stillbirths, neonatal deaths, maternal death and brain injury by 50% by 2025 by continued development and implementation of local visions for transforming local maternity services (LMS) based on the principles of the National Maternity Transformation Programme (Better Births 2016).
  • Ensuring that focus is put on children’s health and wellbeing to determine the future health of our nation 
  • The diverse and complex needs of children and young people are managed and there is a coordinated approach to transforming services to deliver improvements in health, social care and wellbeing (First 1000 days (2019), Healthy Childhood programme (2018), including Child Health Information Systems (CHIS).
  • Addressing regional variation and health inequalities (Population Health Management and prevention).
  • Redesigning care to ensure it is person-centred and that there is a focus on improving transitions, and care models are in place to provide support from preconception to adulthood.

How we can help

  • Working with you to transform services and help deliver improved outcomes and a strong start in life for children and young people.
  • Our experienced specialists in health and care transformation, work in partnership with you to improve outcomes.
  • Providing subject matter expertise in maternity, child health (CHIS), mental health, prevention and wellbeing.
  • Drawing on whole system approaches to integrated solutions, using population segmentation and clinical variation data, to inform change.
  • Developing scenario modelling to influence change and evaluate impact.
  • Working alongside you, and drawing on our diverse skill mix, change management and clinical expertise, to support you with workforce development and the co-creation of innovative solutions.
  • Supporting the design and implementation of new models of care through behavioural change, communications and engagement.
  • Undertaking clinical effectiveness and best practice reviews to enable evidence-based decision-making.
  • Helping you to harness the power of your community to co-design and deliver care model transformation including through innovative commissioning frameworks.
  • Supporting clinicians and patients to navigate care pathways involving digital and call centre based solutions.
  • Creating capacity and capability to design and deliver transformational change programmes.
  • Improving immunisation rates, as demonstrated by the Thames Valley Immunisation Uptake project.

 For more information about this area of work, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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