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Dynamic Discharge Solution (DDS)

A whole system view to ensure the right information is available for the right people in the right place at the right time.

Delayed transfers of care (DTOC) can harm patients and create massively increased and avoidable costs for both the NHS and social services, as well as the wider public sector. What is needed is a ‘satellite navigation system’ for health and care that creates an interactive planning and communication hub.

The Dynamic Discharge Solution is a fully integrated demand, capacity and care management solution. It fully integrates with existing systems and is built around the patient. It enables information to be shared online between health and social care systems, patients and their families to ensure safe and efficient transfer of care throughout the patient’s recovery journey.

Delays discharging patients means:

  • Patients who are ready for discharge experience unnecessary waits 
  • Patients are excluded from decisions about their care where information is not shared
  • Patients delayed in hospital are at risk of physical and mental decline
  • Bed ‘blocking’ affects the flow of patients through a hospital with consequences for A&E departments and planned surgery
  • Increasing costs and decreasing performance across health and care are consequences
  • Delays in accessing much-needed care result from insufficient capacity in the community and residential homes

The Dynamic Discharge Solution (DDS)

The DDS is focused on user experience and not just the process of discharge. It provides a fully integrated demand, capacity and care management ecosystem that enables the collection of data and the sharing of tasks, communications, workflows and documents between all the stakeholders in a patient’s care, including the patient themselves and their families.

A single collated view of information shows where people are waiting and gives a shared understanding of the underlying causes, based on robust, detailed evidence that shows where people are in the system at any one time. 

Developed using information from patients lived experiences the solution shares data that was previously unstructured and not centrally collated. This data integration enables valuable system-level insights. 



DDS supports a whole system approach through:

  • Co-ordinating the discharge process from hospital to home or other care facility
  • Providing a single view of discharge information by linking from multiple systems into one place. Information is input once and drawn from these multiple systems into DDS 
  • Ensuring interoperability of acute, local authority and social care systems via API’s  
  • Matching demand to capacity in the system for all care pathways with digitised ‘live’ visualisation
  • Enabling efficient scheduling of care across all providers with an up to date view of where patients are in the system
  • Providing a mobile application of cloud-based access for flexible working 
  • Ensuring one central coordinated view to enable better communication with patients and their families  
  • Providing an integrated view of how each patient’s care is being delivered across multiple people and teams 
  • Giving easy access for care providers to view and update individual discharge records
  • Providing analytics to enable system optimisation


  • Patients and families have greater involvement through a  better understanding of choices and care availability 
  • Interoperability supports the coordination of all aspects of care for a more joined-up process
  • Accurate data from the ‘live view’ dashboard helps prevent discharge delays, optimise bed utilisation and address workforce time pressures
  • Planning is proactive and contributes to improved patient flow with greater accuracy of information
  • More effective use of data and planning leads to  efficiencies, improved patient experience and a more balanced workflow for staff 
  • The solution builds system-wide understanding of the working practices, lead times and pressures across all organisations in the discharge process
  • Connecting all aspects of the care pathway, acute trusts, care homes, domiciliary care agencies, MDT teams, GPs/PCNs and patients provides valuable insights for ICS partners.


Interested to work with us and help shape this exciting project? To  find out more about this opportunity and how the solution works contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Director of Strategy and Solutions


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