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Digital transformation

We provide support for digital transformation strategies, enabling change through technology to target the areas that are critical for improvement.

Health and social care are facing huge financial and quality changes. These require the transformation of services to improve the management of long-term conditions and urgent care demand. We believe the role of technology to support these changes and provide at-scale digital capability has never been greater. Our professional team works closely with you to build change strategies that will design and deliver essential technology change programmes.

We help you with the following:

Information sharing and interoperability

Ensuring the effective delivery of documents and messages between providers: for example discharge summaries, out-of-hours reports, labs and pathology ordering and results and the integration of key documents and information into GP clinical systems. This includes:

  • Integrated Digital Care Records: Creating shared information records across multiple providers, including primary care, acute and community settings, out-of-hours and social care
  • Summary Care Record: Supporting the widening use of summary care records into new care settings
  • Electronic Discharge Document transfer: Extension of Electronic Prescription Services to GP practices enabling automated transmission of prescriptions to nominated pharmacies
  • E-referrals, Electronic Prescription Service Release 2 (EPS R2), GP2GP, choose and book services
  • NHS number adoption in social care: Supporting local authorities with the adoption and validation of NHS numbers across health and social care.

Patient access and engagement

Working with GP practices and system suppliers to introduce patient access to their GP record. Patient portals are also a development feature in many of our integrated care record programmes. We support:

  • Primary care digital access and information services
  • Patient access to records and Personal Health Records
  • Self-care management tools and apps: Tools providing information, feedback and shared care planning
  • Joint care planning with care teams: Enabling web-based secure creation and sharing of Care Plans, for example, end-of-life and frail elderly care

Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS)

Supporting the assessment and options appraisal for how telehealth can support new models of care, working with local providers to coordinate deployment and link with primary care. This includes:

  • Telehealth and Telecare: Technology to enable healthcare professionals to remotely monitor patient data 
  • E-consultations and e-coaching: Online consultation systems for patients to connect with their GP surgery
  • Total triage in general practice using online consultations
  • Video consultations to deliver for outpatient services

Clinical decision support and analytics

Supporting clinicians with easy access to data to agree on patient pathways and thresholds to support and guide clinical decision-making and referrals.

  • Care pathway and referral management tools
  • Urgent Care Dashboard
  • Population health analytics and risk stratification 

Enabling infrastructure

Safely implementing upgrades to new versions of existing GP systems, and where needed the transition to an alternative GP system of choice. We deliver:

  • Wi-Fi access in community settings: Developing network infrastructure in care settings such as GP practices to enable wireless access, connections from multiple sites and enabling mobile working for staff
  • Single-domain networks
  • Mobile working
  • GP system upgrades

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