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Cancer and long-term conditions

Delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan ambitions for cancer by 2028 will include improving our national screening programmes, giving people faster access to diagnostic tests, investing in innovative treatments and technologies, and making sure more patients can quickly benefit from precise, highly personalised treatments as medical science advances.

Once a cancer diagnosis is made, for many the physical treatments to manage the cancer are only a very small part of the impact of cancer. The impact for them, and their families, in health and wellbeing are far-reaching and long term. Cancer is now considered a long-term condition, and many patients have other co-morbid conditions, therefore it is essential to provide personalised care to all. This supports people to self-manage which can increase the quality of life and provide system-wide benefits.  

How SCW can help

SCW has extensive experience in working with complex systems within cancer. This experience, combined with a team of experts in their fields, enable us to truly deliver sustainable, innovative change.

Our cancer offer delivers support and coordination, end to end, helping bring your vision of transformation into reality and being your long-term partner in ensuring performance and delivery is achievable. Our multidisciplinary team, which draws on clinical, digital, analytical and transformation expertise, means we can deliver your bespoke solution suitable for your needs.

As a learning organisation, we aim to stay at the forefront of thinking about care models, ways of working and approaches to defining and responding to the challenges in cancer. We support this through having a wide network of relationships with others focused on improving cancer outcomes, keeping abreast of innovative approaches internationally and actively engaging with those who have lived experience.

SCW can work with voluntary and statutory systems to target resources and ensure maximum impact in securing behavioural change at a population level. Reducing inequalities is at the heart of all of our work to minimise unwarranted variation.

We continue to ensure our work contributes to the requirements of the Long Term Plan and other national drivers and ultimately, the wellbeing of those impacted by cancer.

What we offer

Examples of SCW cancer support include:

• Bespoke cancer analytical support for COVID-19 recovery, including the creation of dashboards and forecast modelling

• Working with Cancer Alliances to support patient engagement, inequalities and personalised care in order to develop high-quality services

• Evaluation of end-to-end cancer pathway interventions, leading to the implementation of new innovative solutions

• Initiatives to improve cancer screening uptake and earlier, faster diagnosis

• Support for digital transformation projects

For more information on our cancer services please contact SCW Clinical Services Programme Lead: Cancer and Long Term Conditions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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