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Watch our two new short videos where experts involved in their regional COVID-19 vaccination programmes discuss important factors they learned were key to improve immunisation uptake.

Defining language and communities

Our Director of Specialist Services and SRO, Faye Robinson, talks to Rachna Vyas, Executive Director of Integration & Transformation at Leicestershire & Rutland CCG’s about how they took up the challenge to vaccinate all communities there.

In this short video, we hear how unhelpful language is the starting point for improving vaccination uptake. Some communities feel stigmatised as they are often associated with low vaccination rates which has a negative effect on them arranging their jab.

Rachna goes on to describe how these communities are often quite different from the typical groups people think of and are often made up of smaller communities again whose concerns need to be understood.


Overcoming vaccine hesitancy

In this video, Dr Lisa McNally, Director of Public Health, Sandwell Council explains how her region overcame vaccine hesitancy.

Understanding the role of community leaders is key to improving uptake rates and encouraging people in those communities who have concerns and need reassurance. 

To answer vaccine hesitancy…you need to talk to communities as a whole…speaking to official leaders and influential people…to address that social element of vaccination uptake.


For more information on this topic and the NHS Immunisation Management Service, go to Protecting the population.


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