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Oxfordshire CCG (OCCG), Oxford University Hospitals FT (OUH), Oxford Health FT, and SCW are celebrating our shared success in the Diabetes Care Initiative of the Year category at the HSJ Value Awards. The award was in recognition of the development of the diabetes dashboard, an initiative that uses data to improve the care of people with diabetes across Oxfordshire.

Our primary care analytics team worked with Oxfordshire colleagues to develop the diabetes dashboard, which presents information every month about diabetes care and health outcomes for the people in Oxfordshire living with diabetes. Data is presented at county, Primary Care Network (PCN) and GP practice level, so provides regular insight into Oxfordshire diabetes population health.

Every year, diabetes causes 27,000 heart attacks and nearly 100,000 cases of heart failure in the UK. It also leads to 37,600 strokes in the UK annually. People with diabetes should have an annual check-up, which includes urine and blood tests, as well as an examination of their feet.

Enabling joined-up care

The dashboard has been used in regular visits in GP practices and PCNs by the diabetes specialist team in Oxfordshire, including consultants, diabetes specialist nurses and dietitians. It is enabling supportive multi-disciplinary working and joined-up care across primary, community and secondary care which improves outcomes for people with diabetes.

The implementation of the dashboard and multi-disciplinary working has played a significant role in improving the care of people with diabetes within Oxfordshire, which is shown in the National Diabetes Audit (NDA). Data in Oxfordshire between 2016 to 2020 showed:

• the percentage of people with Type 2 diabetes having all their annual checks increased from 51.6% to 76.7% (nationally the figure changed from 53.9% to 54.3%)

• for people with Type 1 diabetes, this increased from 29.3% to 57% (nationally, from 37.3% to 40.8%)

What our partners told us

This national recognition of the approach which has led to sustained improvements in the outcomes for people living with diabetes reflects the teamworking and hard work by the whole diabetes community in Oxfordshire over several years. - Garry Tan, Clinical Lead for Diabetes at OUH

We are pleased to see that this innovation is being adopted in other parts of the country and hope that, as a result, there will be significant improvement in diabetes care across the country. - Rustam Rea, Consultant Diabetologist at the Trust

We are delighted that our collaborative work with the teams across Oxfordshire has been recognised for this HSJ Value Award. The dashboard enables data from multiple sources to be shared across multi-disciplinary teams providing a better understanding of the quality of care received by people with diabetes. - Rosemary Honour-Smith, Primary Care Business Intelligence Manager at SCW

The full list of winners can be found on the HSJ Value Awards website.


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