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Over the past year, the SCW IT service desk has been working towards the industry-standard Service Desk Institute (SDI) accreditation. In August the team were proud to achieve an excellent score and graded as 'Proactive'.

We were expected to demonstrate competence across 9 modules graded over 4 levels. The team worked on implementing new processes, providing new statistics and improving existing procedures. The aim of all this was to improve the customer journey to our customers, both external and internal.  

The final assessment took place at the beginning of August 2021. This consisted of answering and evidencing over 400 questions which involved members of the service desk, senior management and many other teams across Informatics.

Our team passed with an excellent score of 2.86 which is well within the ‘Proactive’ grading, and just a stone's throw away from the next grade, ‘Customer Led’.

Some of the comments from customers recorded by the auditor included:

Cannot fault them, they are amazing

Always helpful and go out of their way to help

Very happy with the service provided

Wish some of their staff worked for me!  

The journey is not over yet though. SDI will be back to carry out ongoing surveillance every year to ensure we are still maintaining our score, giving our service desk the opportunity to increase this score year on year.

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