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Six intrepid colleagues from SCW took part in the national Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign (QSIR) Practitioners programme this year.

We are proud to announce that all six passed their examinations and teaching assessments to become accepted as associate members of the QSIR Teaching Faculty, attending a formal graduation ceremony on 3 December in recognition.

As successful candidates, Louise Tranmer, Director System Transformation, Charlie Howorth, Associate Director of Planning and Programmes Commissioning Performance, Richard Smale, Director of Transformation, Andrew Alli, Programme Manager, Amy Tidyman, Project and Programme Officer, and Alicia Wyer, Project Manager, have set up SCWs own personal QSIR College. As qualified Teaching Faculty Associates, they have committed to deliver QSIR training across SCW, through our college, to enable others within the organisation to harness the skills and capability necessary to deliver quality and improvement projects across their local systems. We’re pleased to say that their first cohort of delegates is currently underway.

Participants can apply their learning throughout the programme, which in turn accelerates personal and organisational learning and supports teams to build their evidence base for further change. This provides really valuable knowledge and skill set for those involved in change, improvement and transformation either focussed within our organisation or working directly with customers.

The Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign (QSIR) programme, developed by NHS Improvement, is the latest iteration of a highly successful service improvement programme that has been delivered over many years to hundreds of staff involved in healthcare. The overarching ambition of the initiative is a national health and care system where people at every level take pride and joy in their work, and where together they have the capability and capacity to deliver continuous improvement in care for individuals, population health and value for money. Lynne Winstanley, National Director of Capability Building and Delivery, is particularly pleased to see Quality Improvement highlighted as part of the NHS Long Term Plan.

Louise Tranmer, one of our newly qualified Practitioners, commented on her experience of QSIR;

'It was great to be with Stephanie Reid, Head of Improvement Science at NHSEI and Lynne Winstanley, Director of Capability Building and Delivery at the QSIR Graduation Day this week, putting SCW on the map as one of 81 NHS organisations who has adopted QSIR as part of its Quality Improvement strategy and delivery; our six Teaching Associates now join 282 others at the forefront of spreading QI skills and capability. We have nearly finished Cohort One and look forward to taking the programme forward in 2020.'

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