SCW at ConfedExpo 2022

SCW’s mental health team took to the stage at this year’s NHS ConfedExpo (15-16 June 2022, ACC Liverpool), to highlight the work that we've been delivering around the Children and Young People’s Referral Management System Tool (CReST). The event, which attracted more than 6,000 delegates across the two days, was an opportunity for health and care leaders and their teams from across the healthcare system to come together and network, spread learning and encourage innovation.

What is CReST?

As part of the SCW Live Lounge session, Working collaboratively to improve local CYP mental health services, we shared a comprehensive overview of our development of CReST, a demand and capacity tool which has been used for a variety of Children and Young People (CYP) mental health pathways. The tool provides valuable insight into what services can look like in terms of what capacity is needed to meet the needs of patient populations. 

Highlighting the various iterations of the CReST tool over the years, from its inception in October 2014 to the present day, the session touched on the partnership between SCW and the national CYP team, who have recommissioned SCW for 2022/23 to carry out further developments of the tool. 

The CReST tool has been developed further through refinement and modifications based on active user feedback and offers the following benefits: strategic planning, operational planning, and decision-making at system level. On the latter, it can answer key questions when planning in demand and capacity and, ultimately, meeting the needs of the CYP population. 

CReST in 22/23

The focus this year is all about increasing the functionality of the tool and building on the success of the existing tool. The improved tool will do the following:

  • Deliver Erlang demand and capacity models/scenarios for many services and/or pathways simultaneously
  • Be populated directly from a simple data-file 
  • Deliver a 12-month forward view, considering any potential emerging backlog 
  • Deliver fully portable digital outputs to the user
  • Generate options for the user to download charts and data tables, with information about their selections

The modelling is based on surges (such as COVID-19 demand), focusing on backlogs, and taking seasonality into account. Systems can utilise the tool at ICS level for all their CYP Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing pathways and due to the mechanisms around data entry, it will save users time (compared to manually entering data for different modelling scenarios). The additional functionality on the tool will be delivered during 2022-23, along with supplementary user guides and marketing of the tool.

Watch our latest webinar introducing CReST and how it works

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