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Transforming mental health services and improving wellbeing

Today marks day one of Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, the UK’s national week to raise awareness of mental health issues and to inspire action to promote good mental health for all.

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Solving the Primary Care Networks Conundrum

There is a lot of uncertainty about how Primary Care Networks will be established. We have had numerous questions from the clients we support about all aspects of forming a Primary Care Network.

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Primary Care and the NHS Long Term Plan

Alison Westmacott, SCW's Director of Primary Care looks at the challenges for Primary Care Networks, detailed in the NHS Long Term Plan

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Transforming child health information services

Sue Trinder, Director of CHIS shares the latest developments from the Digital Child Health Transformation Programme.

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Data sharing: improving efficiency, quality and safety in the NHS

There has been much debate about how the NHS can sustain another 70 years. Often highlighted are the exciting opportunities offered by technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Reshaping the commissioning model to meet emerging needs

We believe that aligning incentives within care systems is an essential element of successful change. SCW supports customers in negotiating and managing more than £6bn of NHS contracts across acute, community, mental health and independent sector providers.

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Deeds not words

The digital revolution continues, but are we making better decisions with the information we know now and how confident are we to act on what we know? Catherine Dampney, Director of BI Innovation & Transformation, shares her insight.

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Shared care records - a three minute overview

Overcoming system challenges and offering solutions to improve patient-centred care.

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What can we learn from other countries about integrating strategic commissioning?

Strategic commissioning involves more than deciding whether to deliver services in-house, in-partnership or externally; it focuses on managing and using markets to secure desired outcomes.