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NHS building

Going virtual supporting Primary Care

We are living in unprecedented times. The pace of change being forced upon us is both astounding and bewildering, with massive changes happening literally within hours. 


National contract and payment tariff consultations

How we support our customers with national contract and payment tariff consultations

Worker at computer

Andy Kinnear - if the answer is IT then....????

Andy describes the ups and downs of creating a digital transformation infrastructure in the NHS over 30 years in a podcast with Linda Prosser

Close up of person using a mobile to see graphs

How digital supports the efficient use of technology and resources

SCW's Head of Digital Intelligence Zoe Pink, shares her journey of transformation towards digital analytics.


Special report from Digital Health considers the future of shared care records

SCW's Andrew Fenton contributes to the special report from Digital Health on the progress of Shared Care Records.

Graphic of some data

A personal perspective on 'Building a Digital-Ready Workforce'

SCW's Aasha Cowey shares her journey of turning frustration and confusion into culture change and optimism for health informatics career pathways.

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How MIG data is increasing efficiency in Bristol

Connecting Care programme case study features in latest Digital Health Age e-magazine

group of doctors talking

Is your practice feeling the strain?

Are you considering a practice merger?

Working together

Stress testing your Primary Care Network

How do you put your Network relationships to the test and make sure you can come together and work collaboratively?