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Innovation and future vision - what's coming next?

Watch the recording from Friday 18 September Discussing Digital Changes Lunchtime webinar


The importance of allyship for the digital, data and technology workforce

As part of our Discussing Digital Changes Lunchtime webinar series in September 2020, our panel discussion took a look at equality and diversity in the digital workforce. 

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A pirate's bounty - harnessing the benefits of digital healthcare

Turning the promise of digital healthcare technologies into real business value. Avast ye matey!

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Digital innovation and person-centred care

Watch the recording from Wednesday 16 September Discussing Digital Changes Lunchtime webinar

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CIO - CAO A match made in rich compost

Watch the recording from Tuesday 15 Sept Discussing Digital Changes Lunchtime webinar


The SCW Interoperability story

Watch the recording from Monday 14 September Discussing Digital Changes Lunchtime webinar

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Could your shingles vaccination programme be the catalyst for collaborative working?

In the current climate, avoiding home visits and non-elective admissions to hospital for a vaccine-preventable condition is particularly pertinent. Could a PCN collaborative approach help?

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Does the childhood vaccination programme offer insight for flu planning during COVID-19?

Can lessons learnt from the childhood vaccination programme during the COVID pandemic support flu planning in General Practice?

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Keep calm and carry on vaccinating

The global Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of effective and safe immunisation programmes to control the spread of potentially deadly illnesses, with the race to develop and roll out an effective vaccine gathering pace across the world.