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Child receiving a vaccination

Challenges and opportunities for the national childhood immunisation programme

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, primary care services have faced unprecedented challenges in delivering both the COVID-19 vaccination rollout and the continued delivery of the national childhood immunisation programme.

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How does your PCN compare?

A group of PCN leaders from around the country joined our first roundtable event for an open and honest discussion about their PCN journeys. Held on 25 March, the online event enabled leaders to share valuable feedback and insight with their peers.

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Is digital a help or hindrance to reducing health inequality?

Does the shift to digital healthcare risk widening the inequalities that have been highlighted during the coronavirus pandemic?  SCW’s MD Michael van Hemert was one of four panelists to assess the situation at a virtual roundtable event. 

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Is it time to incorporate your Primary Care Network?

Creating a legal entity Limited Company to manage the functions of the PCN?  So, what's in it for you?

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Collaboration is key - how do you know if you measure up?

You want a successful Primary Care Network (PCN) that supports the member practices to deliver efficient services for your patients. You also want to keep the practices sustainable and resilient. 

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Can digital technology be the saviour for cancer care?

Three million people have now missed cancer screenings due to COVID-19 since March 2020, according to Cancer Research UK.  And 6,400 patients referred to cancer services have waited more than three months for a response.

Elderly lady being vaccinated

Playing a crucial part in the winter flu programme

Commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement, we're supporting the 20/21 enhanced winter flu programme by optimising uptake of the vaccination among the most eligible groups of people so they protect themselves, their families, their communities as well as the NHS and social care services.

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Extended Access: Planning for the unknown

What could General Practice be doing to plan for the delivery of Extended Access? If you're a Primary Care Network or GP federation looking ahead to April 2021 and thinking about the ongoing delivery of Extended Access, you're not alone.

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How to develop your PCN when the task seems daunting?

‍Whatever the stage of your Primary Care Network (PCN) development you will be grappling with a number of core challenges involved in establishing, managing and developing your PCN.