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Woman being vaccinated

Keep calm and carry on vaccinating

The global Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of effective and safe immunisation programmes to control the spread of potentially deadly illnesses, with the race to develop and roll out an effective vaccine gathering pace across the world. 

Elderly man on the phone

NHS 111 First: Let's not allow our learning to go to waste

COVID-19 has forced through many significant changes to health and care that should have happened years ago. One example is the rapid development of NHS 111 First, which is currently being piloted in Hampshire and Cornwall.


Looking at data in a new way speeds up system by default

Why we need a new way of looking at data

Two elderly people looking worried

Developing social prescribing to support a community through the pandemic

How we are using social prescribing to support communities during the COVID-19 pandemic response.

three colleagues

Reflecting on how to link systems within Primary Care Networks

Thinking about the system links into Community Pharmacy, Opticians and Dentists, as these are likely to be key in further developing our PCNs

Doctor with male patient

GP Federations and PCNs - a single voice of strength

Do GP federations have a role in the NHS? And what is the impact on general practice?

Working from home

Try the Pomodoro technique for working from home

Working in short sprints with regular breaks to maximise your productivity

GP and patient

The need for good management in PCNs - not just good leadership

Don't underestimate the role of great management and the importance it plays in enabling the PCN to deliver its vision.

A female GP

The benefits of signing up to the Primary Care Network DES

Working on plans with ambitious Primary Care Networks our sense is the benefits outweigh the downsides.