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True resilience will require truly new thinking

The pandemic shone a light on the health and care workforce and the difficulties being faced in recruiting and retaining staff. These gaps will have a direct impact on patient care and population health. This is despite all the goodwill in the world amongst existing staff who are facing burnout after 18 months of pandemic strain.

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Black History Month - Gus Mbudaya

For this year’s Black History Month, Gus Mbudaya spoke to BME ally Luke Whewall. They talked about his heritage and growing up in Zimbabwe, his move to the UK at the turn of the century, and the path that led him to SCW, an organisation that he describes as ‘walking the walk’ when it comes to equality and diversity.

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How is the ‘Help Us, Help You’ (HUHY) campaign targeting Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of several cancers whose symptoms are the focus of the next phase of the ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign. Launched by NHS England & Improvement working with Public Health England, this phase of the campaign went live in August 2021. 

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What’s behind a simple letter? How we invited 50m adults for a jab

David Ibbotson, Operations Director for the NHS Immunisation Management Service, reflects on the success of the national vaccination programme as we commence the start of the winter vaccination campaign (COVID-19 boosters and flu). He sums up the programme milestones and describes how the learnings will benefit the ongoing rollout of invitations.

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National Inclusion Week: What it means to me

James Jackson, Workforce EDI programme manager, shares his thoughts on inclusion, specifically belonging and intersectionality.

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‘The biggest opportunities are at the margins of our communities’

This striking comment from Dr Bola Owolabi, Director for Health Inequalities Improvement at NHS England, represents an increasing emphasis that health improvement for populations can and should largely be achieved through tackling health inequalities and a focus on the most disadvantaged groups. 

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Creating a new solution to overcome poor experiences of hospital discharge

Behind every delay in the transfer of a patient from a hospital into their future place of care, there is a person, in the wrong place to best enable their recovery. SCW’s Head of Strategic and Service Innovation, Wendy Marshall, explores the challenges of discharging a patient into intermediary or longer-term care and shares her thoughts.

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Importance of diversity in digital leadership from Digital Health Unplugged

Listen to the Digital Health Unplugged podcast episode 'Diversity in digital leadership.' This episode interviews members of the Shuri Network, including Junior Technical Analyst, Nicole Wong, from NHS South, Central and West.

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What does disability mean to me?

Kate Toomey, Chair of the SCW Disability Network shares her experience living with a disability and how SCW is working to increase awareness and support to colleagues who may need it.