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Using the 'Fika' concept, our podcast series seeks to engage with people carrying out interesting and innovative work within the health and care ecosystem, through a relaxed informal chat. This week John O'Connell is joined by Stephen Slough, Chief Digital Information Officer at NHS Dorset.

'Fika' is a Swedish social phenomenon that promotes interaction. It encourages you to step away from work to engage, converse and set aside quality time with those around you, often while enjoying a cup of coffee with some cake.

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards - Soren Kierkegaard

The AMx Fika leadership podcasts provide us with a unique opportunity to hear first-hand from leading inspirational and visionary data and analytical leaders from across Health, Care and Industry sectors. Scroll down to select an episode and listen now...

As we begin on our exciting journey to professionalise the future role of the analyst in health and care, we know not all career journeys are linear in nature. How our leaders end up where they are today, can be through a fortuitous opportunity (do grab these as they come up), or equally through planned and crafted career pathways. 

The idea with Fika is to really get to know our game-changing leaders, understand their personal journeys and what motivates them. We ask them to share with us their valuable insights and any lessons they picked up along the way – which we can all learn from.  We will explore questions such as, what’s one thing they wished they had known when they began their career? Who were the three people who had been the most influential to them on their journey? What are the best resources that have helped them along the way? If they were starting out today, what advice would they give someone wanting to pursue a career in Health and Care data and analytics?

This podcast will give you an exclusive opportunity to gain an understanding of the current real-world problems our leaders are tackling, and how they are pursuing emerging technologies to provide us [NHS] with more impactful insights. Leaders will discuss how to capitalise on the data and analytical revolution, powered by digital healthcare technologies, such as genomics, Internet of Things, digital medicine, artificial intelligence and robotics. This is all aiming at reducing health inequalities and improving the health and wellbeing of the UK population. 

Why sharing our journey is important? 

As Eric Topol states 'we are now living in the Fourth Industrial Age, a revolution that is so profound, that it may not be enough to compare it to the invention of steam power, the railroads, electricity, mass production, or even the computer age in the magnitude of change it will bring to all of us'. 

Data and analytics have a front seat, so it’s beholden on us all to ensure this revolution's great potential to help, doesn’t inadvertently harm or exaggerate the health inequalities gap. 

Rising to meet these amazing opportunities, we heard from Ming Tang talking about solving problems creatively and collaboratively with industry partners. The importance of turning your frame of reference, understanding the supply chain view of life and where we [NHS] add true value with our partners.

Classical music is Peter Spilsbury’s passion but he also advises anyone interested in building an analytical career in the NHS, and wants to be part of this bigger journey of building and sharing knowledge. To get involved and join the NHS R Community. Peter has also asked the NHS to stimulate a more creative relationship between clinicians (who have the subject knowledge) and analysts (who have the technical skills), to work together on developing useful questions, and making progress to remove barriers that slow this process.

Marc Farr champions for more senior roles in analytics, such as Chief Data Officers with support from bodies such as AphA, BCS and FEDIP. In Marc’s spare time he enjoys cycling but is also committed to making the case for more analysts, who are better trained to make better decisions, helping to teach us [NHS] to ask/set good research questions. 

So please tune into our upcoming Fika episodes, to hear more refreshing light-hearted insights and shared wisdom from game-changing leaders such as James Freed, Sarah Culkin, Andi Orlowski, Donna Hanson, Sarah Scobie, Sarah Blundell and others.

Finally, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the work you are doing and who else you would like to hear from on Fika. It could be you next.

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