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Liam Williams, Director of Quality and System Performance and registered nurse, shares insights as to how he uses his nursing experience at SCW as well as his appreciation for frontline staff.

And another year of growth in our clinical workforce demonstrates the important role that SCW plays in supporting high-quality care delivery across health and social care. We have grown our medical workforce through the GP Workforce Solution, increased our Allied Health Professional workforce across the organisation, gained some midwives and expanded our nursing workforce. As an organisation, we have been adapting to an increasingly close alignment with regulated healthcare providers in support of direct care, pathway transformation and supporting organisational development.

I am proud that we have enhanced our capabilities in this space and the executive team remains committed to ensuring we grow in our support of the wider NHS and social care. The roll-out of Co-ordinate My Care will offer an important opportunity for us to demonstrate how integrated clinical and digital transformation expertise can impact directly on improved patient outcomes. The continued investment in the Integrated Pathway Tool will demonstrate how empowering clinicians with integrated datasets and analyses can help prioritise care and enhance resource utilisation. The roll-out of our Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign (QSIR) programme across the organisation ensures that our workforce has a consistent language and understanding of how we support quality improvement, internally and externally.

Nurses Day is important to me as I am a registered nurse and celebrating our respective professions is something I know we all choose to do with pride. I use my clinical knowledge, skills and experience every day in one form or other with SCW. Sometimes this is about maintaining a focus on evidence-based decision making and governance, sometimes it is in relation to clinical safety or safeguarding, sometimes it is just a sense check as part of a conversation. However, the patient is always at the centre of my thinking and my input is always as part of a multi-disciplinary team that includes managers, analysts and other disciplines.

Personally, I have spent many Friday mornings over the past year in a PCN vaccine clinic. This has been a source of genuine pride and I feel privileged to be playing such an important part in supporting the vaccine programme in this way. I started in the first wave of vaccines when the local health centre was handed over in its entirety for dedicated vaccine days. There was an army of us, including volunteers, working to vaccinate as many people as possible while at the same time, listening to patient concerns and ensuring genuine informed consent was achieved. Things changed over the summer when a portacabin was installed in the car park for vaccine clinics so that the health centre could focus on the wider demands of primary care – winter clinic days with the doors wide open were mitigated by a constant supply of chocolates and cake! Over the last few months, I have worked with a wide range of nurses who come to support the clinic from a wide variety of settings and have had many great conversations about their careers to date and what is important to them. High-quality care and making a difference are the common themes. Equally, vaccinating the older, frailer members of our community reminds me of the fear that still exists, the appreciation of an NHS that is looking after them and the importance of keeping them at the centre of our thinking.

Across our organisation, I know that many of you will have been working with nurses, midwives and health visitors in a myriad of different roles and services, supporting them however needed.  Your commitment to ensuring we continue to make a difference to front line clinical staff and their teams remains as impressive today as it has since the pandemic started.

I hope you will all join me in celebrating Nurses Day and the work of our peers across the NHS, independent sector, social care and voluntary organisations. Happy Nurses Day!

Find out more about International Nurses Day 2022.

Director of Quality and System Performance SCW Clinical Lead and Caldicott Guardian

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