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‍Whatever the stage of your Primary Care Network (PCN) development you will be grappling with a number of core challenges involved in establishing, managing and developing your PCN.

Supporting the development of Primary Care Networks

Whether you are exploring: 

  • how to improve the health and outcomes of your population
  • improving primary care resilience through effectively integrating primary, secondary and community services
  • tackling workforce shortages
  • improving the work-life balance for those working in primary care

...find out how we can partner with your PCN to design a coordinated, personalised and integrated solution

Taking a look at some of those key challenges

  • Establishing and developing your PCN - The maturity of PCNs can differ widely; those who are used to collaborating will be in a different place to those just starting to work together. By tailoring our approaches we support you to consider, design and establish your network ensuring that it is aligned to the delivery of your ambitions. 

  • Supporting resilience in Primary Care - Rising workload pressures in general practice are widely recognised and have a knock-on effect on strategic leadership and practice management, which is exacerbated by recruitment and retention challenges. Improving resilience is the first step in enabling a transformation of primary care services. 

  • Improving the health and wellbeing of the population - Data and insight is core to enabling your network to understand and anticipate the needs of your population. This provides the opportunity to support people to stay healthy for as long as possible and, when they do need care, make sure it’s easy to access, well-co-ordinated and helps them return home as soon as possible. Your PCN has a vital role to play in understanding and working to improve the health and wellbeing of the populations you serve and we have a range of expertise to help you in doing this. 

  • Developing and implementing ways of collaborative working - As PCNs develop, success will depend upon working with partners to deliver care aligned to the needs of the populations you serve. These partners include people from the communities you serve and other providers of health and care to the population. We can support you to develop effective collaborative working which requires understanding the perspectives of the partners, developing a shared vision, shared goals, a common language and the sharing of resources. 

  • Making change happen and measuring what counts - Change is fundamental to the success of PCNs. It’s about altering the way in which care and support is currently provided and making it distinctly different. Embedding this level of change requires a strong and shared vision and a clear roadmap of how your PCN is going to achieve its vision. We can help you to design and implement change and to evaluate the outcomes to ensure it is effective.

For more information about the support we provide, take a look at our Supporting the development of Primary Care Networks brochure – PDF

We also provide a range of short courses online to support your PCN development. These are available as off-the-shelf modules or can be designed specifically to meet your PCN’s needs.

Take a look at our range of online courses – PDF and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more about the support available.

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