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We’re pleased to announce that the CReST children and young people mental health referral system management tool has been updated to increase its functionality and build on the success of the existing tool. 

The imbalance between demand and capacity is one of the core reasons why healthcare backlogs and waiting lists grow. Having a greater understanding of the outputs of demand and capacity modelling is essential for the planning and delivery of today’s healthcare services. This includes managing fluctuations in demand, such as winter planning. 

CReST is an accessible and user-friendly demand and capacity modelling tool for children and young people’s mental health pathways. 

The improved tool:

  • Delivers Erlang demand and capacity models/scenarios for many services and/or pathways simultaneously
  • Can be populated directly from a simple data-file 
  • Delivers a 12-month forward view, considering any potential emerging backlog 
  • Delivers fully portable digital outputs to the user
  • Generates options for the user to download charts and data tables, with information about their selections

See the tool in action: 

When used alongside local intelligence, outputs from CReST enable rich discussions on current service provision, reduced capacity and planning for pathways and services. CReST can also support the development of business cases and allow service leads to gain valuable insight from modelled scenarios, which may influence planning decisions.

To find out more, and/or about our upcoming introduction webinar, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Programme Manager - Mental Health

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