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How we are using social prescribing to support communities during the COVID-19 pandemic response.

COVID-19 has created a challenging environment for all communities and particularly for those people at greater risk of contracting the virus, those more likely to have poorer outcomes and those who are socially isolated.

One of SCW's PCN customers, Mosaic Healthcare PCN, based in Hampshire, has capitalised on the skills and experience of their Social Prescribing Link Worker and focussed their work to support their population; making contact and providing reassurance for more than 600 people since the beginning of the outbreak.

Prior to the COVID-19 situation, SCW and Mosaic Healthcare PCN had previously worked together to implement a Community of Care, and with the arrival of the pandemic wanted to look at how they could better serve their population during the uncertain times. 

The direct result of this work is that the PCN recruited a Social Prescriber and during the crisis, she has been able to connect many patients in primary care with sources of support within the community. 

The approach has provided GPs with a non-medical referral option that can operate alongside existing treatments to improve health and wellbeing, thereby freeing GP time for medical consultations.

We have more examples of where we have supported the implementation of this kind of approach. If you would like to know more about how we can support you to use our process of engagement and redesign to deliver improved patient outcomes, please get in touch.  

The Primary Care Team in SCW continues to provide support and direction to practices, Primary Care Networks and federations in working to successfully implement new care models, develop connections and work collaboratively within Integrated Care Systems.

Our aim is to enable health and care systems to achieve the best possible outcomes for people, communities and populations

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Director of Primary Care, Strategy and Transformation

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