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For a second year, we were commissioned by the South West (SW) regional NHS England (NHSE) Children and Young People (CYP) Transformation programme team to conduct a strategic review for CYP transformation within each SW system and across the region.

The review followed a first year of benchmarking. The strategic review is focusing on particular objectives, highlighted by the system leads as priorities, including workforce, data, system maturity and population health. 

To form an understanding of national recommendations and best practices across CYP transformation at a system level, NHSE requested a broad scoping review and summary of key CYP-related national policy documents, guidance, and reports. This scoping review looked at policy and guidance published since the launch of the NHS Long Term Plan (LTP), released in 2019, from over 25 government and non-government organisations which focused on CYP’s physical and mental health. 

The key problem areas have been identified and summarised as part of this review, along with an outline of some of the most commonly cited recommendations to address these. Useful case studies were also drawn into the review, to support shared learning across the complex CYP systems. Effects of the recent COVID-19 pandemic are understandably pertinent to this area, so this has been given appropriate consideration in the overview shared below.  

It is hoped that sharing this scoping review will provide colleagues, in and outside the SW region, with a useful summary paper of policy and research to further advance CYP health transformation.  

For a hard copy of the review, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  


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