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Ensuring a successful start to reducing agency spend across systems

As the upcoming end-of-year and winter cost pressures bite across the system, we’re seeing lots of focus on system efficiencies, with reduction of agency and high-cost agency spend being a real area of priority. So as a system, how do integrated care systems (ICSs) best work together to optimise this?

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Why Fika? - Thought-provoking conversations with game-changing leaders

Using the 'Fika' concept, our podcast series seeks to engage with people carrying out interesting and innovative work within the health and care ecosystem, through a relaxed informal chat. This week John O'Connell is joined by Stephen Slough, Chief Digital Information Officer at NHS Dorset.

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High cost agency spend – the plane crash of workforce management?

Delving into the intricacies of managing your workforce we look at how taking a holistic approach can help to reduce the need for agency support.

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Discover how we're sowing the seeds for a thriving workforce

Join us at the Primary Care Conference on Wednesday 22 February 2023 to hear how we do this.

We're sowing the seeds for a thriving workforce at the Primary Care Conference. From the future of primary care to the reputation and perception of primary care, this year’s event will cement the significance of collaborative working.

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Exploring novel approaches to winter challenges

Looking for the most efficient and effective ways to tackle winter challenges we’ll try lots of different things. From different ways of keeping warm to different ways to communicate about our winter vaccination boosters, David Ibbotson, Director of Public Health Services, shares his thoughts on the innovations and novel approaches he’s seen.

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Why do we need resilience in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world?

What will you do differently to create a person-centred culture that fosters resilience? A great place to start is to accept that culture change can be uncomfortable, and you will, to a certain extent, need to build personal resilience to make this change happen.

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SCW win at the Health Business Awards

On 15 December, we attended the Health Business Awards ceremony online and are thrilled to announce that we won the 'Innovation in Mental Health' award for 2022. This award recognises NHS organisations which have made progress in improving the experience and overall care of mental health patients.

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Finalist for HSJ Partnership Awards, Primary Care Project of the Year

We are delighted to have been shortlisted in the HSJ Partnership Awards 2023. Edenbridge Healthcare with SCW and Gillingham South Primary Care Network was shortlisted in the Primary Care Project of the Year award category. This award recognises projects and partnerships improving capacity, service access and ultimately patient outcomes within a specific neighbourhood or system.

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Modelling with Children & Young People's Referral Management System Tool

The Children & Young People's Referral Management System Tool (CReST) is a demand and capacity tool. We developed the current version in partnership with NHSE, which supports Children and Young People's Mental Health (CYPMH) pathways.