Digital technology is being implemented at scale. In a matter of months, rather than the usual decade of development, an alternative to face-to-face contact between clinician and patient has been provided.

Virtual care delivery

As consumers, we are used to quicker and improved access to goods and services online and now take this virtual experience for granted fully accepting that it’s an integral part of our lives. COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst to fast-track new technology-based ways of working in healthcare too as a way to mitigate its negative impact.

The concept of virtual care is to deliver patients a quality health care service that makes their experience more convenient, more streamlined, and more closely aligned to their needs.

The services stemming from this technology range from online patient encounters, improved access to care teams, and access to electronic health records and medical information. It will, of course, never replace traditional healthcare delivery. But it is certainly becoming an essential part of it, increasing its scope and helping to ease the burden on overstretched systems.

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