Case studies

Advancing mental health services by making winter funding go further

Using our expertise to support NHSE South East Regional Winter Planning 19/20 and 20/21

Doctor and patient

Reducing outpatient waiting times and generating efficiency savings

Cornwall’s health community has been experiencing difficulties with their Outpatient (OP) Services System, resulting in overly long waiting times for appointments with consequential risks to patients. Previous improvement programmes were unsuccessful, resulting in a worsening financial situation. 

Connecting Care interoperability programme

Delivering real-time, electronic communication between a patient and a provider.

Pregnant mother with young child

Supporting the mental health needs of the under fives

By early 2020 NHSE/I recognised a comprehensive 0-25 mental health offer was needed if it was to meet the expectations of the LTP. We worked alongside NHSE/I to deliver a national under-fives mental health services report that would inform service change and policy development.

Implementing total triage best practice for online consultations

Coordinating a national resource to support the implementation of online consultations, minimise face-to-face appointments, and provide the best outcomes for patients.

Digital strategy development for Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire STP (BNSSG)

A digital transformation strategy and roadmap to improve joint working and sustainability, and deliver 19% savings on digital spend.

Baby in a hospital crib

Transforming Devon's Local Maternity System

To better understand their current situation and transform future services, Devon STP asked SCW to support the development of their Local Maternity System plan.

elderly lady smiling

Swallowing assessment and management using digital technology

Consulting elderly patients online to provide timely Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT) assessments and reducing waiting times and the need for costly travel.

Developing the Care and Health Information Exchange

Production of an electronic health and social care record for 87 million documents.

Transforming adult mental health crises at the Riverside Sanctuary Café

When NHS processes got in the way of third sector providers adding value to the community mix, SCW found a way.

Roll out of Attend Anywhere to support South West NHS Trusts

Increasing capability and adoption of video consultation across the South West.

Improving delivery of the lung cancer pathway in the South West

Conducting regional lung cancer benchmarking against national audit data to develop service improvements for lung cancer services in the South West