Case studies

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Delivering an effective vaccination programme for the South East region

COVID-19 has been the single greatest public health emergency in the history of the NHS. As well as continuing to provide care for people who needed it, the NHS contributed to the important global effort to develop safe and effective vaccines for the virus and deliver it in hundreds of hospitals, vaccination centres, pharmacies, and care homes across the country.

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A programme like no other - the COVID-19 Vaccination Deployment Programme

Being in the middle of the Project Management Office (PMO) team in the middle of a vaccine deployment programme was not something we thought we would be involved in. For months on end, the result of our work was not only headline news but also the topic of everybody’s conversations.

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How did the Bring Back Staff scheme support the COVID-19 response?

With a need to attract ex-NHS staff back into clinical practice, we were commissioned to offer strategic HR support to the SW region. This work included the Bring Back Staff scheme - the COVID-19 vaccination programme workforce elements as well as building collaboration across the NHS, social care, and voluntary sector. 

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Improving patient experience of Rapid Diagnostic Services for cancer

As part of the evaluation of the new Rapid Diagnosis Services (RDS) pathways, we worked with Peninsula Cancer Alliance (PCA) to conduct surveys of patient experiences. The results were used to inform service improvement strategies.

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Robust PMO delivers Trust’s CIP, transformation and COVID-19 initiatives

SCW supported Weston Area Health Trust to deliver on its Cost Improvement Programme, transformation and COVID-19 initiatives through robust programme management.

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Helping Health Education England to embrace inclusive recruitment

The Health Education England (HEE) Digital Readiness Programme is actively embedding the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda into all its work. Working with HEE, we were asked to develop and deliver an inclusive and transparent recruitment process for the NHS Digital Academy.

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Streamlining Cheshire and Merseyside child health records into single integrated solution

Bringing eight IT systems into one single instance of CarePlus in Cheshire & Merseyside has proven there are numerous benefits from using a single CHIS IT system across the area; we have been able to maintain the accuracy of the child’s record and improve the data quality within the system. 

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Innovative analytical approaches shape new national indicators for Primary Care

Working collaboratively with the national primary care team, we developed a series of innovative features to inform the review and refresh of the Investment and Impact Fund (IIF) incentive scheme. The scheme uses incentives to encourage PCNs to think about doing things differently.

Analysis chart

Is North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS FT's business intelligence fit for purpose?

To overcome a lack of information on Business Intelligence (BI), we looked at an organisation-wide strategy for North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS FT. They needed to ensure that their BI was aligned to the business and meeting the strategic goals for the hospital both for today and for tomorrow.

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Evaluating ‘Care Closer to Home’ pilot for head and neck cancer patients

Bringing head and neck cancer follow-up and rehabilitation closer to home was the aim of a pilot introduced by Thames Valley Cancer Alliance in 2018. But had the changes made a difference? SCW was asked to deliver an independent evaluation to support future decisions on wider roll-out.

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How are Clinical Directors being equipped to lead and develop PCNs?

Clinical directors have a critical role in coordinating the work of a PCN and providing leadership as part of this new structure. Equipping them with the skills to lead and develop PCNs is crucial to realising the ambitions of improving health outcomes for communities. 

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Executive coaching for BOB ICS Senior Leadership Team

We were commissioned to provide 1-2-1 coaching for executive and senior leaders to enhance their impact in leading the change and development process. Over half of the Senior Management Team (SMT) leaders took the opportunity for executive coaching support and many chose to extend the coaching relationship after completion of the original sessions.