Case studies

Mobilisation and operation of a virtual Incident Coordination Centre for COVID-19

Providing leadership oversight and delivery of COVID-19 planning and response activities across the South East region for NHSE/I.

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How Somerset STP is monitoring Daily Urgent Care

The entire health community of Somerset is now able to access a daily summary of their Urgent Care information.

SCW-produced map with test data

How can GIS help plan housebound patients' vaccination programmes?

Devising the optimal routing for GPs and nurses in Somerset to visit local housebound patients and provide COVID-19 vaccinations in the most efficient way.

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Improving immunisation uptake in the Thames Valley

Reducing the significant variation in immunisation uptake between GP practices across the Thames Valley was the challenge facing our Improving Immunisation Uptake Team.

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Enhancing care by sharing data and information

We developed a new dashboard tool that enables NHS staff, for the first time ever, to assess the impact of interventions on deteriorating patients with suspicion of sepsis.

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National COVID-19 programme for returning doctors and clinicians

In 2020 SCW set up a new NHS111 Clinical Assessment Service to manage responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Organisational turnaround from special measures

How we embedded a risk management culture to improve governance practices for a Clinical Commissioning Group in special measures.

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Giving children and young people access to the mental health services they need

The Children and Young People's Mental Health Policy Team came asking for help with a system that wasn't working. Luckily we knew what to do.

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Tracking the number of deaths related to COVID-19

During the pandemic, we were commissioned to provide vital daily intelligence on deaths resulting from COVID-19, for the South East and South West regions of NHS England.

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Targeted investment in recruiting returner doctors pilot

Recruitment and marketing support to encourage returning and new doctors to relocate to practices in hard-to-recruit areas.

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Using Geographical Information Systems to inform service design

Using GIS mapping evidence over 1,330 square miles in Somerset we helped to improve service provision for stroke patients.

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Introducing Aligned Incentive Contracts

In 2017, in preparation for becoming an Integrated Care System (ICS) the Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHT) and South East Hampshire, Fareham & Gosport and Portsmouth CCGs wanted to look at how they could incentivise activity and reduce costs across the system as a whole rather than focussing on hospital income.