What’s your perspective?

New campaign in Torbay results in hundreds of people pledging to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink.

The challenge

A study commissioned by the NHS into drinking behaviours and attitudes revealed that 1 in 3adults in the South West remained unaware of the health risks posed by even so-called ‘moderate’ alcohol consumption.

83% of people were unaware they were drinking above the Government’s recommended guidelines and 69% were not concerned about how much they were drinking.

Our challenge was clear…how could we get these casual drinkers to change their perspective?


What we delivered

In a nutshell, we took to the floor.

We used the idea of ‘perspective' to engage the people of Torbay like never before, giving them some small, simple ways to reduce the amount they drink.

A 9m long x 2m wide floor vinyl of a glass of wine was laid in key locations across Torbay, manned by NHS trained engagement staff.

An amorphic printing allowed us to play with the perspective of this glass so that on first viewing, a person saw what looked like a glass of wine on the floor ahead.

On second viewing however the true size of this ‘glass’ became apparent, highlighting that just one glass of wine a night, adds up to over 90 bottles a year.

Having stopped people in their tracks, we delivered a series of simple and positive messages to help change their perspective on alcohol.


Key campaign messages

Starting with the fact that by drinking just one glass of wine a week less, someone would be drinking 13 bottles of wine less a year!

We handed out leaflets containing more useful tips, plus helpful myth busters such as, wait for it…

...red wine isn’t good for you!


People were directed to a microsite containing further advice, an interactive units/calories/cost calculator, plus clear signposting to local and national support services.

From everyone’s perspective, the campaign was an amazing success.


The outcomes

Over 1,711,000 people across Torbay and beyond were exposed to the campaign through PR, advertising and event footfall.

446 people were engaged by the NHS team over the 3 day event - with an average engagement time of three minutes.

Of those engaged, 70% said the activation had made them think differently about alcohol and would consider changing their drinking habits

Of the people engaged, 15% went on to the microsite to find out more, spending two minutes or more on-site.

We achieved both local and national press, radio and television coverage adding up to over £30,540 in AVE.


The story led the ITV South West news on Tuesday 28th August just days after a Global Study published in The Lancet proved that drinking any amount of alcohol was dangerous to long term health.


Participant feedback

“I'm totally in your demographic, I'm 46, drink a glass of red every day and this has really made me think. Thank you!”

“We saw the campaign on the news last night and didn’t realise that we drink 50 bottles a year! Its really made us think!”

“I wouldn't say that I drink that much, but I do drink a glass of wine a night and don’t ever really think about it. Its really interesting to see it as 90 bottles over a year (sharp intake of breath), that feels different - a bit uncomfy”



Key Contacts

Joy Holt

Programme Lead, Behaviour Change


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