Transforming diabetes programme

Buckinghamshire CCGs (Aylesbury Vale and Chiltern) approached us to help them to change and improve the current pathways for Type 2 diabetes. 

The challenge

Part of the initial objective was for our transformation consultants to review the available resources within the current pathway, as well as to ensure that the services were clearly defined and easily accessible to patients. The initial challenges of the project included:

  • Significant growth in numbers of people diagnosed 
  • Variation in standards of care delivery in general practice 
  • Incorrect use of/referral to community and acute services 

The approach

  • We developed a transformation change program office; this comprised of a mixed skill-set team that could work flexibly to achieve the program objectives.
  • The SCW team led pathway and workforce areas through a defined and developed scope of work, agreeing on the outputs required with key stakeholders. This work ensured that the CCG team had both a thorough understanding and agreement to each phase of the program through the application of project management principles.
  • We ran two large stakeholder engagement events to provide a good understanding of the program and its impact, as well as a launch event for 300 Buckinghamshire Health Care Practitioners (HCP). 
  • Our work developed a new and improved pathway for Type 2 diabetes for use in General Practice. This was supported with a flowchart, clear documentation, staff education, and a business case for further investment.

The results

  • We delivered all the objectives set for the initial phases of the program, notably allowing capacity to be released in community services to deliver increased patient and HCP education with no reduction in quality of patient care.
  • A reduction in acute spend levels as we were able to demonstrate that patients with Type 2 Diabetes had been effectively routed into general practice.
  • This program is an excellent example of best practice in service transformation based on SCW's understanding of the importance of gaining agreement to change which ultimately delivers improved patient care.
  • The business case that we developed clearly showed that this change was achievable without the significant investment of funds, and we used this compelling evidence in the early engagement with GPs and the CCGs.
  • This program was shortlisted for the NHS Clinical Commissioners ‘Innovation in Diabetes’ category.

The role of SCW has been instrumental in allowing the CCGs to deliver on the first phase of the Diabetes Transformation Programme with managers demonstrating unique skills in change and project management that were critical to our success - Dr. Kathy Hoffman, Buckinghamshire CCGs Diabetes Programme Clinical Lead.

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