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The NHS Long Term Plan and Care, Education and Treatment Reviews

Having already supported Care, Education and Treatment Review’s (CETRs) in the south of England, we welcomed the opportunity to review and strengthen this area of the pathway. 

The challenge

NHS England made a commitment to do this in partnership with people who have a learning disability, autism or both, and working with families and clinicians to assess the effectiveness of the current reviews in preventing and supporting discharge planning.

Whilst these reviews are one essential tool to ensure individuals receive the right outcomes, more could still be done to improve reporting and to guarantee recommendations are implemented. The reporting systems can prove challenging and SCW was recently commissioned by NHS England to better understand their CETR data and reporting needs.

NHS England had a large number of young people who were registered as CETR eligible. However, due to multiple databases, tracking systems and demanding KPIs, the oversight process for these young people was proving challenging. SCW already had an embedded team supporting the panel coordination, so it was a logical extension for our mental health programme team to support NHS England in their requirement to better understand their data, re-evaluate their processes and improve access to ‘live’ and reliable information for national reporting needs.

Our approach

As part of our support we carried out:

  • Deep dive analysis of multiple existing datasets, data management systems and KPI reporting requirements
  • A full cleanse of existing data, ratification and validation
  • Generation of a structured database, with analytical functionality and a suite of reports
  • Training for the administrative team on residual data management needs, to ensure long-term sustainability
  • Ensuring the ability to deliver KPI reporting as ‘live’
  • Full review of existing CETR processes, and linkages with transition and adult services
  • Engagement and communications with stakeholders throughout the CETR process
  • Detailed options appraisal on process improvements to ensure the CETR process adds value to the individual at the centre.

The outcome

  • Provided effective programme management oversight, ensuring strong links with operational, clinical and administrative teams
  • Delivered efficiency savings through reducing duplications in the process
  • Provided a ‘sanity’ check of data, delivering one version of the truth
  • Utilised those with expert knowledge in Specialised Commissioning and Transforming Care, to ensure that what was delivered was in context and sustainable
  • Provided engagement with stakeholders at all levels, from NHS England colleagues to inpatient providers
  • Considered all existing processes and established effective links where possible to manage the volume and impact of change.

The SCW programme team worked closely with NHS England to review in detail the complexities of the existing datasets, delivering a structured databased which met our needs. I found the team helpful and accessible, and would contact them again if I needed further support' - Finn Padmore, Project Officer, NHS England South Specialised Commissioning. 


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