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Targeted investment in recruiting returner doctors pilot

Recruitment and marketing support to encourage returning and new doctors to relocate to practices in hard-to-recruit areas.

The challenge

NHS England commissioned SCW to provide marketing and recruitment support services to practices that been historically unable to fill GP vacancies in London and the South.

NHS England was committed to supporting these practices, which had been unable to fill GP vacancies for 12 months or more. The aim was to provide recruitment and marketing support for NHS England and their partners to encourage an initial group of 20 doctors returning to practice or new to the UK, to relocate to practices in these hard-to-recruit areas.

Our approach

We mobilised a central programme management office (PMO) to liaise with NHS England and their partners to ensure the effective translation of programme plans into local delivery.

We administered and quality-assured the work of a team of resourcing consultants, each managing the local recruitment and marketing support for practices against a standardised programme, project plan and methodology.

The resourcing teams reported progress weekly to programme leads according to pre-set criteria, so NHS England benefited from performance tracking and ultimately maintaining visibility and control.

Working with GPs to identify recruitment criteria we implemented a ‘Triple Match’ approach that considered role fit, practice fit, and location fit to help identify the motivators that may encourage GPs to consider a GP practice as a potential employer.

To further improve results, a bespoke Geographic Information system (GIS) mapping solution was developed, offering visualised critical information candidates needed to consider a GP practice as a potential employer, such as travel times to the practice, airports and schools.

The outcome

Tailored practice profiles and job descriptions were produced for each practice to support recruitment activity.

Each practice was given a web toolkit that could be used to assess how they market themselves as an employer through their website and online presence. The tool provided advice and suggestions about what they could do to improve their employer profile.

Three workshops were produced for NHS England, CCGs and practice managers, providing support in identifying barriers to recruitment within hard-to-recruit areas.

Recommendations outlined factors affecting recruitment, which included the locum market control and influence on GP recruitment, international recruitment, perception of practice ability to influence change and aspects such as IR35. 

These were identified as areas that could be used to support the renegotiation of relationships with current workers or could be tackled at practice or local level to support GP recruitment. A recommendation paper was produced for NHS England, outlining suggested approaches in these areas.

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