Surrey Downs Community Hospital Consultation

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to help determine optimum service configurations.

The challenge

NHS Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group (SDCCG) had undertaken a comprehensive review of services delivered from the five community hospitals located within its borders. The focus of the review was to determine the optimum service configuration which would support achieving the best clinical outcomes for Surrey Downs’ patients. The review determined that care provided at the hospitals by Community Hospital Services (CSH) Surrey was good in terms of quality and patient care, but it also identified opportunities to further improve care. This led to a series of recommendations and four options for consultation.

Importantly, during the consultation process, the need to maintain accessibility to community hospital services came out as the second most important factor when ranking the key factors the CCG should take into account in its decision-making.


What we delivered

Using innovative spatial analysis techniques, we delivered maps and reports showing service provisions, travel access times to existing sites (using private vehicles or public transport), and the impact of service reconfiguration based on four different scenarios.

CCG users, transformation and information staff were involved in defining the contents of the maps.

Clear results helped identify the most accessible solution, reducing journey times for some areas and increasing access to the community hospitals.


The outcome

Our Geographic Intelligence and Mapping team has developed maps and reports which support strategic decision-making that allow us to put patients first. The Chair of the consultation was extremely pleased with the response from SCW and praised the value we added to the process, 


“The valuable support from SCW on this project provided us with useful evidence which helped inform our decision-making process.” Chair of the consultation


For more information, contact:

Trevor Foster

Associate Director - Geographic Intelligence and Mapping Services

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