Supporting the development of a Primary Care Network for Wantage Practices

Creating and supporting Primary Care to develop integrated care models across a geography.

The challenge

SCW was commissioned to work with Wantage Practices to bring them together in a collaborative way against the backdrop of the NHS Long Term Plan and the development of Primary Care Networks (PCN).

The Practices already share a building and work together and the GP partners and practice managers all know each other. At the workshop, all staff groups were represented to share how the practices working in a more integrated way could work for them.

SCW was asked to support the practices to develop a process for how they best to work with community teams, and how they engage and educate patients, to enable them to realize that they don’t always have to see a GP.  

The approach

We facilitated how the development of a PCN is based upon local circumstances and the way the practices want to work together and that this was unique to the individual PCN.

  • The workshop started with a quick group exercise around the stages of change
  • We then moved to explore what the motivations were within the group
  • A model for practice engagement that avoids top-down ‘command and control’ and instead build a community for change was introduced.

The result

  • The teams were quickly able to come together and start to share their thoughts and ideas
  • They spent time discussing their motivations, their challenges, and their reasons for being willing to make change happen
  • The teams focused on two basic projects that are completely within their own control to agree and implement, which resulted in a rapid route forward on how they would collaborate to deliver both projects
  • The session finished with the PCN agreeing with the implementation of their local projects, with timescales and leads in place to lead the development of how they best to work with community teams, and how they engage patients so they don’t think they always have to see a GP.  

"Scott McKenzie, on behalf of SCW, has facilitated meetings for both Partners and Nurses for the Wantage PCN.  He ensured that both meetings enabled the participants the time and opportunity to explore areas of commonality and joint working options.  His wealth of experience and knowledge of the primary care sector is amazing and he is able to provide relevant examples and answers to questions on numerous issues, particularly working at scale and addressing economies at scale. His friendly, good-humored approach encouraged input from attendees and helped the teams identify achievable actions going forward in a non-threatening, supported environment" - Kate Blowfield Practice Manager, Wantage.

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