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Supporting the development of a merged General Practice

Creating and supporting the merger of General Practices through facilitating workshops to explore the development of the merged practice. How the different practices want to work, what they wish to earn and how they will start to standardise across the sites.

The challenge

SCW has been commissioned to work with a number of groups of practices exploring the opportunities of coming together to form a merged partnership.


We assist the development of the merger based upon local circumstances and the ambitions of the practices.

Through facilitating workshops we explore the development of the merged practice based upon how the different practices want to work, what they wish to earn and how they will start to standardise across the sites. Our approach follows a 5 stage process:


  • Stage One - The development of a clearly articulated case for change that can be used within the Practices and across all stakeholders, including how patients and the wider community benefit from the collaboration/merger and how the practices collaborate and integrate with other service providers
  • Stage Two - Guided facilitation of discussions between the GP Partners and Practice Managers to help consideration of change options and ways forward. Presentation and exploration of potential options for business change to support the development of the terms of the collaboration/merger. This will be in the form of a facilitated discussion to explore all the options and ideas that allow all involved to agree to the proposal
  • Stage Three – Exploration of how the practices plan to set up the new merged practice while seeking agreement on what they want to do; this will lead into a range of questions, options and scenarios around workforce, workload, a transition phase, service development and pay and conditions
  • Stage Four – Support and guidance to develop a project plan to ensure they realise plans and objectives. This will include the provision of project management expertise to keep them on track throughout the process
  • Stage five - Support and guidance for planning business change, including the development of a new business plan for the collaborating/merged practice. This includes the planning and implementation of the business plan through proper and meaningful engagement of all stakeholders in the practice.


Scott McKenzie, who represents SCW, has unrivalled knowledge and experience of the workings of the NHS. He has the uncanny ability to ask the most difficult of questions in a manner that is disarmingly charming. Not only can Scott spot the elephant in the room he can get everyone else to acknowledge it and come up with a solution to resolve it. Dr Joe McGilligan Greystone House.


Key Contacts

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Director of Primary Care


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