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In-depth analysis of learning disability roadmaps informs future work

To review the plans for Learning and Autism in their systems NHSE/I South West region wanted an analysis of the Learning Disability and Autism roadmaps submitted by their seven systems. We carried out a high-level review of plans to inform future work, a step towards making health and care services better for people with a learning disability and autistic people.


Each system in the South West had submitted roadmaps for the next three years, addressing the Long Term Plan (LTP) goals for Learning Disability and Autism. Analysis was required to define regional themes, unpick the subtleties between systems plans and join up connections within systems where there may be similarities or the same objectives. The analysis was also required to inform future work and associated action plans for the region.  


Working to the Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign (QSIR) principles, we undertook an initial review and high-level thematic analysis against an agreed list of themes and sub-themes, covering the five key elements of the roadmaps:

  • Moving people into the community and reducing reliance on inpatient care
  • A better start for children and young people
  • Autism diagnosis for children and adults (waiting times)
  • Improving health inequalities
  • Improving the quality of services

We also carried out analyses around the overarching themes of the workforce, provider development, community care pathways and other themes. A high-level review of these plans included a rapid, analysis of the  financial information available.

More detailed mapping and analysis of plans was undertaken against the Learning Disability and Autism LTP commitments and its agreed list of themes to identify the key programmes and areas of work being carried out in the South West. This enabled commonalities and differences to be identified between individual systems.


A thorough thematic analysis enabled NHSE/I regional colleagues to interpret the seven individual roadmaps in a useful, digestible format. The analysis identified key themes where there were similarities across the region, and where there could be the potential for system collaboration. Additionally, it allowed the region to understand the work plans for systems and where additional support might be required to ensure the delivery of LTP requirements.  

The analysis was presented in a report and supplementary slide pack, enabling regional colleagues to share system-specific sections with colleagues to inform future work and regional action plans in a tailored manner.  

Several areas worked well - the team’s flexibility in how information was provided; the patience in receiving info and the final report, which was readable and captured the request very well - Kevin Elliot, Assistant Director of Nursing, Learning Disability & Autism Programme, South West NHSE/I


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