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Protecting communities and families from second-hand smoke

Delivering large scale public-facing campaigns to reduce smoking prevalence and highlight the dangers of illegal tobacco across 14 local authorities in the South West.

The challenge

Fourteen South West local authorities commissioned Public Health Action to develop a public-facing campaign to highlight the stark truth that one in two smokers will die early from smoking habits.  

The aim of the campaign was to shock smokers and trigger them to stop, think and make a positive step towards quitting, for themselves and for their loved ones. The campaign was named Be There Tomorrow

What we delivered

The campaign focused on the emotional consequences of smoking by highlighting all the things smokers could miss out on with family and loved ones if they continued with their habit (based on behavioural insight work). Advertising was made up of TV and radio adverts and outdoor billboard poster campaigns and digital advertising.

A local media strand, which featured a series of film clips showing the real-life story of former smoker, Kirsty, who was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) at age 32. Case studies of former smokers facilitated the generation of significant PR across local, regional and national media, adding value to the campaign and further raising awareness.

All channels directed respondents to the microsite where they could look up their local Stop Smoking Service or order a free quit kit. 

The outcome

  • Over a two month period, the Be There Tomorrow brought about record levels of awareness with 418,000 South West smokers seeing, hearing or reading about the latest phase of the campaign
  • Since it first launched in 2014, Be There Tomorrow has achieved significant shifts in awareness of the dangers of tobacco among smokers and non-smokers in the South West, with 385,000 more people now aware that smoking kills half of all smokers early
  • Overall, one in four smokers changed their behaviour; that is a significant 105,000 smokers in the region who have made a positive step towards quitting directly because of the campaign
  • 385,000 more people in the South West are now aware that smoking kills half of all smokers early.


Key Contacts


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Programme Director, Behaviour Change


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