How delivering personalised care in cancer impacts patients

Evaluating the impact of personalised care in cancer pilots for the Peninsula Cancer Alliance to support them to become ongoing commissioned services.


Each provider organisation within the Peninsula Cancer Alliance had been developing their own approach to personalised care in cancer, with the support of the Alliance. We were asked to support collating evaluation activity for the pilots. We also developed a narrative for local business cases to demonstrate the impact of the projects, and the need to secure future commissioning for them beyond April 2020.  This was required as part of the Long Term Plan. We were also asked to support the system to navigate the decision-making process in order to achieve this.


Having established the information required for the decision-making process we supported the providers to build a financial perspective using the national Outpatient Appointment calculator and to be able to use this to adapt and populate the model business template we had created. This was supported with a patient video, developed together with Peninsula Cancer Alliance’s communications lead, to demonstrate impact. A workshop focussing on workforce and organisational development was held to explore and evaluate the impact of the new cancer workforce in personalised care e.g. cancer support worker role.


The commissioning decision-making process is continuing as part of wider contract negotiations. Initial indications show that the evaluation and tools we developed and our participation in the process served to enhance the dialogue between commissioners and providers. It is anticipated that most, if not all current projects will either be fully commissioned in April 2020 or a transition arrangement put in place.

Working in collaboration with the Alliance, providers, and commissioners facilitated the sharing and spread of best practice in order to optimise patient outcomes. They appreciated the expertise that we were able to bring and which enabled PCA to build a compelling case for continuing the projects, demonstrating the positive impact on:

  • Patients
  • Clinicians
  • Financial benefits
  • Achievement of LTP ambitions and Cancer Waiting Time Standards

Jon Miller, Programme Manager, PCA commented 'We recruited SCW to help us with developing a business case, which demonstrated the benefits to staff, the benefits to patients, and the financial benefits of PSFU’.



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