Developing the Care and Health Information Exchange

Production of an electronic health and social care record for 87 million documents.

The challenge 

Working with CCGs, NHS Trusts, and Local Authorities we were commissioned to deliver integrated patient care by facilitating the sharing of information across health and social care settings across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight through the development of a shared care record system. 

What we delivered

We produced an electronic integrated health and social care record for use across all care settings in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, with more than 87 million documents shared on the system.  

The Care and Health Information Exchange (CHIE) works by improving digital flows between disparate care settings, connecting numerous care professionals including doctors, nurses, social workers, and pharmacists. All providers, including GP surgeries, are encouraged to share information. The project roadmap includes patient access to their own care records, in line with the requirements set out in the National Information Board’s Framework for Action: Personalised Health and Care 2020. 

In addition, we integrated CHIE with existing systems to create a single sign-on for clinicians, extend the system to social workers, and give direct access to patients. We implemented a patient consent process at the point of care and a public website to inform patients and handle requests for care records. 

Our Chief Clinical Information Officer acts as the facilitator and ‘translator’ between frontline care professionals and our ICT team and champions CHIE across the region to maximise the use and benefits of the system for local communities. 

We are further developing templates for care planning, pathway management, and health logic alerts. 

The outcome

CHIE improves care professionals’ visibility of the entire patient journey including care encounters, GP diagnoses, blood and radiology results, current medication, allergies, clinic letters, discharge information, and a growing pool of social care information.

By providing better information at the point of care, we have enabled improvement in the speed and quality of decision-making, the quality of care, reduced unnecessary referrals and admissions, and helped clinicians offer the most appropriate treatments. As well as improving the patient experience, these improvements create substantial efficiencies in services.

An outcomes analysis has suggested savings of millions of pounds each year, and work is ongoing to analyse and quantify these benefits more precisely. 

To generate additional value from the commissioners’ investment, we have created a powerful health analytics tool (the Care and Health Information Analytics (CHIA) database) to facilitate care planning, audit, and research. Shared care data from the CHIE is replicated and pseudonymised so that we can run queries securely and confidentially on individual patients or cohorts of patients related by common diagnoses, attributes, or epidemiological factors.

'The CSU has overcome many technical challenges to develop this system but, at all times, has kept at the heart of the project the aim of improving patient care. They have committed to an ongoing dialogue with care professionals to make sure they have full buy-in and can tap into ideas for even better features to improve outcomes for patients. There is no doubt this system is improving healthcare across Hampshire.' Mark Kelsey, GP IT Lead, Southampton CCG

Shared Care Records video

Watch the latest summary of shared care records being delivered across the patch.


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