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Building an integrated strategy to deliver person-centred care in Kent and Medway

Kent and Medway ICS Partnership’s core objective was to deliver integrated person-centred care. Social inequalities were a particular focus. They needed advanced intelligence to achieve this. Only through the use of integrated data would they find the insight they needed. Insight to focus on their challenges of wellbeing, prevention, and targeted personal care models.

The challenge

Kent and Medway had an existing analytics strategy. The problem was that this was undermined by a fragmented understanding of their current capabilities. The system had no shared vision of what the future analytics capability or data systems needed to look like. 


The Director of Digital Transformation and the Chief Analytics Officer of Kent and Medway commissioned SCW and consultancy firm, Moorhouse, to provide a better understanding. The two partners were asked to review both the analytics strategy and the data and digital systems across the ICS. 

The joint team undertook an extensive review to build a comprehensive understanding of the digital and analytics landscape in Kent and Medway.  This included reviewing current strategies and all documentation, as well as interviews with senior stakeholders from all the ICS Partners, and across the wider system.

SCW brought their most senior digital and data experts to the project to conduct detailed investigations. Findings were evaluated in the context of the emergent ICS guidance and revised NHSX national strategy. This was complemented by their own experiences of delivering integrated digital strategies across other STPs and Local Health Economies. 

Having reached their conclusions, the recommendations were tested extensively with stakeholders and further refined to reflect the local priorities of Kent and Medway.

The result was an integrated vision that incorporated people, processes, technology, data and governance. The ICS Executive Leaders and CEOs were presented with a clear and comprehensive system-wide strategy. Which allowed them to approve with confidence the recommendations of the final report and high-level roadmap.


SCW, in partnership with Moorhouse, built a strong strategic case for change and a roadmap that was supported by the ICS Chief Executives and ICS Partnership Board.

SCW enabled Kent and Medway ICS:

  • To gain clarity and a common understanding of complex data and digital systems, and how their functions support analytics and the delivery of care.
  • To understand the whole capacity and capability of the analytic functions across the ICS.
  • To refine its strategic understanding of the future operating models needed to deliver a cross-functional ICS analytics service. Also, the core governance required for successful operational delivery.
  • To align their roadmap with ICS Priorities.

As a result, the ICS has now embarked on the development of detailed options appraisals and is building a business case to fund the proposed development roadmap. It is well on its way to delivering the shared vision over the next 3 years.

“I have just read the Data and Analysis report for Kent and Medway. It is excellent. Well done.”

Caroline Selkirk - Chief Operating Officer Kent & Medway CCG

“The feedback from the executives was very positive. Comments included:”

• “This is an excellent report.”

• “I understood it!”

• “Very well written”

• “Extremely helpful.”

Morfydd Williams - Director of Digital Transformation Kent & Medway CCG

For more information contact Catherine Dampney – Director of Transformation and Innovations (BI) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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