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Bringing health and safety alive through engaging communications

In recognition of the annual Health and Safety Week and as part of our ‘say something about our H&S contract with Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire and BaNES’ we provided an engaging awareness campaign for staff.

The challenge

The goal was to raise awareness and offer workplace guidance around a number of topical health and safety matters.

What we delivered

Drawing on the expertise of our professional health and safety team, a daily e-newsletter was produced which highlighted the most common health and safety accidents in the workplace and how best to avoid becoming involved in an incident.

Further guidance around the core subjects of; driving for work, office etiquette, stair safety and fire safety offered easy to remember, visual guidance around what to do in such an incident. We also delivered a training session incorporating this information face-to-face.

The team not only featured the physical obstacles being faced each day but also highlighted support available for mental challenges such as stress and the support available in the workplace.

The outcome

Our bulletins were kept interesting and short allowing staff to take notice and make others aware.

By providing the information on both our clients’ intranet and supplying newsletters direct to individual email addresses, staff were able to access the bulletins at any time if they wanted to refer to them.

The information was provided in a face-to-face training session to allow discussion on the topic and for further awareness.

Particular thanks to Lance for providing a very instructive and entertaining Health and Safety training session. Your combination of serious message and humour made this an ideal session. Alan Potter, Associate Director of Corporate Governance, Gloucestershire CCG

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