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There are real challenges facing systems in delivering the huge mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic alongside existing priorities. Practical support is going to be needed to plan across all mental health pathways.

Mental health

The operational planning guidance reinforced the NHS Long Term Plan targets as a solid foundation to address the impact of COVID-19. To improve the quality of mental health services and expand access to an additional 2 million people each year by 2023/24.

Innovation in response to COVID-19 has

  • enhanced local partnerships including Local Authorities
  • established a greater role for the voluntary and independent sectors
  • increased the rollout of digital solutions where the evidence supports the efficacy
Modelling capacity and demand for services are going to be a key element to manage the projected increased demand for service provision and acuity of individuals accessing services. Added to this, the COVID-related backlog emerging in many services.

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