Two members of SCW staff


Our changing climate is a regular feature in the news. As a healthcare organisation we know we have a responsibility to play our part in tackling the challenges it creates. After all, without a healthy environment, we can’t have healthy communities.

We've started to work with Care Without Carbon to develop our Green Plan. This is a strategy to enable us to reduce our impact on the environment across a range of areas.

The Care Without Carbon team are based in Sussex Community NHS Trust and are award-winning for their approach to delivering sustainable healthcare, working with several other Trusts in the South East. 

What we're doing at SCW

  • We've committed to sharing our progress with staff and stakeholders, as we begin to change the way we do things to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise waste. 
  • Once our Green Plan is finalised, we'll make it available for you to explore and learn from our progress.
  • We're going to be looking for ways to engage with our members of staff and our stakeholders in doing things differently for a greener NHS.
  • We'll be asking 'what does sustainable healthcare means for you?' - conducting an online survey, focus groups and individual interviews to explore this through spring and summer 2021.

Contributing to a net-zero NHS

Care Without Carbon is also working with us to help ensure that the work we're doing across health and care systems is contributing to a net-zero NHS.

Want to find out more? Or get involved in some way. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..