Our impact

Through partnerships with NHS and non-NHS organisations, we continue to deliver against our stated purpose - supporting our customers to achieve the best possible outcomes for people, communities and populations.

Our impact in 2021/22

We are proud to have been able to support health and social care organisations over the past 12 months. Here are some of our key achievements:

  • Empowered the nationwide delivery of 140 million COVID-19 vaccine doses, ensuring that every child and adult is immunised at the right time with the right vaccine

  • Elective care recovery for greater Manchester ICS - 1,000 bed days released from colorectal prehab patients, enabling 179 additional patients to access timely surgical pathways

  • Achieved GP and ARRS recruitment targets supported by our innovative GP workforce segmentation model, working alongside the national team to identify and implement a new methodology

  • Delivered better outcomes and promoted trusted system-wide joint working with the new aligned incentive contract for Sussex ICS

  • Elective activity overspend tackled for Portsmouth ICS using a joined-up approach to pressures within a system 

  • Used geospatial data to help the NHS reach net-zero by 2040 through mapping carbon use in the South East and working with health and care organisations create and implement their Green Plans - NHSE South East Region

  • Delivered national vaccine PMO, 24,144,000 infections prevented as of 24 Sept 2021 - achieving 23% improvement and putting patients first

  • Planning and support with NHSE South East Regional Winter Planning, making £2.7m mental health funding go further

  • An integral part of Core20PLUS5 Connectors programme rapid development, with 21 sites on board, over 30 VSCE or Healthwatch partners, and plans to recruit and support over 400 connectors

  • Preschool booster immunisation uptake rates rose from 74.6% to 81.3% after just one-month intensive training and support from the Improving Immunisation Uptake team working with Slough GP practice

  • GP payments of £1.1 billion, serving and incentivising c7,000 GP practices across England


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