Equality, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing

At SCW we truly value equality, diversity and inclusion. We want to ensure that this is an equitable workplace where wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do and employees are encouraged to be their extraordinary selves and thrive.

Building a culture of belonging 

SCW has embarked on a journey towards building a culture of belonging and our Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing (EDI&W) team is focused on ensuring all our colleagues and customers feel safe, respected, and valued.

To achieve this, the EDI&W team work to engage with key stakeholders, gather insight and data, and validate and evidence our approach. Using our findings we are implementing a future strategy, continually measuring, and reviewing our progress, in line with the SCW values and underpinning our key business objectives.

Our model of belonging

The SCW model of belonging displays our approach and represents how equality and equity are required, diversity needs ongoing consideration, inclusion is the best practice, wellbeing is the measure, and Belonging is the goal. 


Our statement of belonging at SCW

Earlier this year we reached out to all our colleagues, asking ‘what does belonging at SCW mean to you?’ Their responses enabled us to develop the following statement:

We want SCW to be a great place to work, where we all feel safe and can be our authentic selves. This means valuing and respecting everyone from all backgrounds and embracing equality, diversity, inclusivity and wellbeing across everything we do.

We are committed to listening, learning, and improving on our approach to ensure these principles remain at our heart, helping us all to thrive.

Building a culture of belonging is not just about tackling discrimination. It's not just about addressing the diverse needs of individuals. It's about getting the harmony right between equality, diversity and inclusion in order to drive wellbeing.

Our strategy

In September as part of National Inclusion week 2022, we announced our five leading steps towards belonging as key areas of focus, sitting at the heart of our EDI&W strategy. These steps will span the focal point of our work continuing towards building a culture of belonging up to March 31 2024.

Step 1


Equitable, diverse, inclusive recruitment and talent development

Demonstrate effective equitable, diverse, inclusive recruitment, resourcing, and talent development processes. Focus on increasing assurance around equitable practices, understanding and tailoring offers to support marginalised groups. Improve overall diversity and representation within SCW particularly Black Minority Ethnic (BME) at leadership level.

Step 2


Create equality, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing immersion and enrichment opportunities

Work closely with Organisational Development to establish an accessible equality, diversity, inclusion, wellebing learning and development offer, focused on senior leadership development, comprising of statutory, mandatory, and self-directed learning solutions. Align promotion with SCW improvement, sustainability, Great Place To Work, Building a Culture  of Belonging, and Organisational Development comms plans. Evidence and report engagement and learning completion.

Step 3


Look after our people

Implement an inclusive SCW workforce health and wellbeing programme, leading with women's health proposal. Improve reporting, engagement, evidence policy review and comprehensive mental health in the workplace review. Work closely with employee networks to ensure we understand the needs of marginalised groups within SCW.

Step 4


Develop an agile and inclusive workplace

Initiate an inclusive accessibility consideration decision matrix and SME influence into key cooperate strategic and operational programmes such as Building a Stronger Future Together, Corporate Information Systems Group, Estates Strategy Group and Procurement. Educate and evidence the need for Equality Impact Assessment practice as the standard towards operational implementation of systems and processes. Focus on disability.

Step 5


Get the basics right. Do what we say we are going to do

Establish an effective method of measuring and evidencing the impact of belonging at SCW, incorporating Gender Pay Gap, Workforce Race Equality Standard, and Workforce Disability Equality Standard indicators alongside staff survey and wellbeing survey insights. Evidence Equality Impact Assessment commitment and support this with the creation of an objective and SCW representative EDIW council.


These five leading steps continue to serve towards, and ensure we can evidence, our public sector equality duty commitments and the following equality objectives:

Our equality objectives

Customers - To enable SCW service teams to integrate equality and diversity into their customer solutions with a view to adding value to the operations and experiences of our customers and wider stakeholders.

Performance - To support the growth of SCW via a clear strategy, governance and accountability mechanisms for equality, diversity and inclusion.

Internal development - To ensure that SCW operates fair and equitable employment practices, delivering positive experiences for everyone, irrespective of who they are.

Learning and growth - To create a virtuous circle of learning and knowledge transfer around equality, diversity and inclusion, supporting the continuous development of our capability as individuals and teams.

The journey so far and the importance of networks

Below are examples since the start of 2022, of how our five leading steps are already being brought to life and shaping our culture of belonging ambition:

  • Launched the LGTBQIA+ employee network, SCW PRIDE.
  • Introduced assistive technology across key platforms and improved our workforce wellbeing survey accessibility.
  • Dedicated prayer and reflection safe spaces within flagship offices.
  • Launched a dedicated EDI and Wellbeing ConsultOD space.
  • Diversifying our early talent development and attraction, partnering with diverse initiatives (Change 100, 10,000 Black Interns).
  • Promoting future SCW roles to attract greater volume of BME talent, via Race Equality jobs board.
  • Introducing Mindfulness to our workforce as a wellbeing practice.
  • Committed to the Menopause in the Workplace Pledge and improving the way we record menopause related absence within ESR.
  • Time to Talk series, where our employees can connect to discuss and explore a range of wellbeing and diverse topics.
  • Continuing our Mindful Employer Charter and Disability Confident Employer commitments.
  • Published an Inclusive Glossary of Terms, supporting respectful conversations in workplace.
  • Shaping the way we approach diverse and inclusive recruitment into SCW.
  • Embedded culture of belonging focus within National Staff survey questions, evidencing future SCW progress toward belonging.
  • Signposting resources responding to the cost of living crisis, supporting financial wellbeing.
  • Joining the EDI and Wellbeing dots across the NHS connecting with Diversity in Health and Care Partners, BME Leadership Network, Health and Care Women Leaders Network, Health and Care LGBTQ+ Leaders Network, Southern Disability Support Network and more.
  • Celebrated, featured and collaborated towards a wide range of diverse and inclusive calendar events (PRIDE, National Inclusion Week, Black History Month, Disability History Month and more).


James Jackson – internal people and workforce EDI Wellbeing Programme Manager said: 

'This year (2022) has been a transformational year towards EDI & Wellbeing with SCW, whilst I recognise we are only setting the foundation for a lot more work and collaboration to come towards belonging. 

I am particularly proud of the emerging EDI&W team and wider SCW colleagues who have been integral towards a lot of action and delivery sighted here. I am also proud of our employee networks within SCW and the role they serve towards helping to shape the way think, feel and consider belonging for marginalise groups, whilst providing safe spaces and a sense of community for network members and wider SCW colleagues. 

We have made a solid commitment to supporting our networks to grow and develop, and employee networks for me are critically important towards inclusive efforts within any organisation or community. Having been involved in the creation and leadership of a number of employee networks, the reward I have experienced and the support I’ve witnessed being offered by networks has been at times immeasurably positive. I feel that anyone who decides to step into this space to become a member, active ally and/or lead a network is a fantastic role model and I would encourage colleagues to connect in these focused spaces.'

Our Equality, Diversity, Inclusion publications

We publish a range of information to describe our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and the actions we are taking in pursuit of these aims. Some of these publications help us to comply with our legal duties which arise from statutes such as the Equality Act 2010.


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